A man taken away by the funeral was actually alive


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A man declared dead was in fact still alive when the funeral director came to fetch him. He finally died while waiting for doctors to give him oxygen.

It's an incredible story that happened in Colombia. An 80-year-old man, declared dead, was in fact still alive, according to our colleagues from Ouest France. He then died out permanently, lacking oxygen.

Last week, an 80-year-old man at Barranquilla Hospital was declared dead from natural causes. His supposed corpse was placed in a mortuary bag, waiting for the arrival of the funeral parlor.

But when the funeral staff arrives there, he realizes that the man is in fact still alive and immediately warns the family. The latter contacts the hospital. "The paramedics told us that he was still alive, several doctors examined him and they all told us the same thing: he is still alive," said his daughter.

"He had his eyes open and he moved his hands"

The family then goes to the spot and assures that the man "had his eyes open and he moved his hands", "he was still hot" and that he would have "even smiled".

Despite this reversal of the situation, the man finally died a few moments later, while the doctors were going to get oxygen. The clinic will soon publish a press release on this extraordinary event. It is not known yet whether the family will file a complaint against the establishment.


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