a Marshall plan against the plugs?


We need to put in place a Marshall Plan for mobility. If we do not act quickly, heavily, we will paralyze and asphyxiate Rennes and block Brittany.

The traffic jams in and around the Breton capital are multiplying and using the nerves of the inhabitants. And Pierre Breteau, Modem Mayor of Saint-Gregoire and presidential candidate of Rennes Metropole, and Charles Compagnon, candidate of the center right to the Municipalities in Rennes, allies in this electoral campaign, make this question a priority with several proposals.

Work beyond the scale of Rennes metropolis

Today, we do everything upside down. By the end of the year, a city-wide travel plan for the city of Rennes will be submitted to the vote of the elected officials. Except that the subject is no longer on this scale, but that of the country of Rennes. It is necessary to work at least including the country of Liffre, the communities of communes of Chateaugiron and the Val d'Ille-Aubigne.

A proposal already in the pipes of the socialist president of Rennes metropolis, Emmanuel Couet. Yes, but there is nothing concrete , says Pierre Breteau.

"We reproduced the Parisian model"

For the two center-right candidates, you have to change the software. Today, everything is thought concentrically. All public transport, buses, metro, bike paths, converge to Republic and the center … while more than half of trips are outside Rennes. Basically, we reproduced the Parisian model.

The west bypass of Rennes is frequently bottled. | WEST FRANCE

A tramway beyond the ring road

Pierre Breteau and Charles Compagnon advocate Massive reinforcement of public transport and propose to create a tram that would connect the ends of the metro line up to 7 or 8 km beyond the ring road, to the external communes. Our proposal is not new. I did it three years ago already. I was then taken for an oddball. Thursday, in Rennes metropolis council, the majority will say that it is the solution, but not with a tram-rail, but a tram-Bus. They imagine four tram lines (Gaîte – Bruz, Pottery – Chantepie, Cesson – Thorigne, Pontchaillou – Pace-Bertin).

"We preached in the desert"

This Thursday, November 14, in fact, the studies carried out on public transport in own site (TCSP) will be presented to elected metropolitan, taking up some of the solutions of the opposition. The subway or a tram to the airport and the park-expo, the parkings relay outside the ring road … For five years we preached in the desert. We have always been told that it was unfeasible. But today it is possible. So, the majority has lost five years in the city, or what it will propose is purely electioneering. The situation we live in, they are still responsible and accountable.

Express bus lines

Another proposal, develop express bus lines, that is, faster lines , not serving all stops. Pierre Breteau takes as an example the c4 linking Grand Quartier to the artisanal area Saint-Sulpice, at the other end of Rennes, through the center, in 43 minutes. In express, we can reduce this journey time by half.

Pierre Breteau evacuates the possibility of free public transport, because it would make it pay the taxpayer and this money would be lacking the investments otherwise needed to improve the network. On the other hand, he is in favor to social pricing . They support "The idea of ​​free targeted and incentive for certain times of the year (sales, back to school, peak pollution …)".

150 km of new bike lanes

Both candidates also imagine "A network of cycle lanes, in checkerboard that is to say, which connect the communes to each other, and do not all converge towards the city center. They advocate 150 km of new roads , with some secure bike parking .

Finally, Pierre Breteau and Charles Compagnon claim an efficient bypass of Rennes, either by the South East, or by the North, it will be necessary to study the . And want to encourage carpooling, with bonuses paid to companies that favor it with their employees. Even the remuneration of carpoolers, as claimed by environmentalists, but according to precise modalities .

A billion-euro plan

Pierre Breteau and Charles Compagnon have quantified all these propositions: 700 million euros for the tram, 100 to 150 million euros for bicycle facilities, 60 million euros for 3,000 parking spaces outside the ring road, 5 million euros to develop lines of express bus, and 20 million euros for the smart pedestrianization of downtown Rennes … a plan of a billion euros in total.

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