AfD politician Brandner historically voted out: Weidel and Gauland full of anger


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Repeatedly, the AfD MP Brandner has provided with Twitter comments for trouble. Now the Bundestag Legal Committee has consequences. Brandner has to go.

  • AFD deputy Stephan Brandner is no longer Legal Committee Chairman
  • All fractions except the AfD Brandner voted out
  • deselection A committee chairman is historically in the history of the Bundestag

Update from November 13th, 1:15 pm: After deselection of the AFDDeputy Stephan Brandner in the Legal Committee of the Bundestag the politician himself, as well as the party leaders Alexander Gauland and Alice Weidel the press. The emotions boiled up and Weidel and Gauland answered quite incensed to the question of a journalist.

This one had Gauland asked how clearly the anti-Semitism must be, until he becomes queasy. While Gauland then still struggling for the right answer, Weidel already shoots: "What's that stupid question." Gauland then angrily asks how the word "Judas wage", the Brandner was anti-Semitic: "Judas and Jew have nothing to do with each other (…). What's the nonsense, "says the party spokesman clearly. Weidel shoots behind it: "This testifies to non-education".

The background: Brandner had caused a scandal, among other things, when he called the Federal Cross of Merit for the singer Udo Lindenberg a "Judas wage". However, the criticism of Brandner's Tweet was not directed against the use of the word "Judaslohns" itself, but against the context that made the politician so. The anti-Semitism allegations against Brandner then came more through another of his tweets in connection with the Halle attack (see below).

But Gauland and Weidel Reacted very irritated in the press statement afterwards. This time it was about the question of whether, or with whom, the AfD would now nachbesetzen the committee post Brandners and whether this party member was "integer". Weidel weighed down annoyed: "Another stupid question again". Gauland was somewhat statesmanlike and said angrily: "We only have integrity personalities – do not ask such questions."

However, on their Twitter page, the AfD did not share the heated discussion with the press, but only their own statement without major interim questions from the same press statement.

AfD man Brandner over tweet to Halle stop in criticism – he rowed back

Brandner had been voted out because of his controversial comments on the Internet service Twitter to the attack of Halle and the musician Udo Lindenberg. In a tweet to AfD critical remarks Lindenberg Brandner had written: "Sure, why slobber against us must / drool." For this, the MP put a quote from a newspaper article for the award of Lindenberg with the Federal Cross of Merit and added the hashtag "#Judaslohn" ,

To Halle he had shared a tweet in which was read after the extreme right-wing attack of Halle that politicians "lounging" in front of synagogues. This evidently alluded to the public solidarity gatherings in front of the Jewish places of worship. Brandner moved away from this tweet after much criticism later.

Brandner himself sharply criticized the actions of the other parties. "This is another low point for parliamentarism in Germany, which is another low point for democracy in Germany," he said. He will continue his work in the Legal Affairs Committee. The AFD parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland called the deselection "a mixture of stupidity and presumption".

AfD politician voted out: Committee on Legal Affairs Chairman Brandner must go

Update from November 13th at 10:00 am: Of the Legal Committee of the Bundestag has the controversial AfD MP Stephan Brandner voted out as chairman. It is a one-time process in the 70-year history of parliament, The committee drew the consequences of several scandals that has triggered the AfD politician from Thuringia. Most recently, he caused a stir when he got up Twitter the awarding of the Federal Cross of Merit to the AfD-critical rock singer Udo Lindenberg with the comment "Judaslohn" commented.

Previously, the 53-year-old lawyer already had with his reactions to the terrorist attack of Halle with two dead and several injured caused outrage. The deputies of all factions except the AfD finally declared Brandner to be intolerable and called him to resignation but he refused. Then they decided his deselectionafter the Bundestag's Rules Committee had previously stated that this was permissible under the very vague rules in force.

After deselection: AfD politician Brandner criticized other parties

Brandner was now with the Voices of all factions except the AfD recalled, as the deputy spokesman for the Union's political group, Jan-Marco Luczak, announced. "The dismissal of Brandner is a clear signal against hate and hatred – we are finally giving the office back its dignity," he said.

The German Bar Association (DAV) held the Deselection for inevitable, His chief executive, Philipp Wendt, said before the decision of the German press agency's committee: "It can not be that the law and this socially important committee are represented by a person who insults, defames and incites resentment against certain sections of the population. "It is inconceivable that Brandner will continue to lead the committee.

Brandner himself sharply criticized the actions of the other parties. "This is another low point for parliamentarism in Germany, which is another low point for democracy in Germany," he said on the sidelines of the committee meeting.

First registration from November 13th at 9:00 am: The AFD has brought a sharper tone to the Bundestag. That is what all other parties say and criticize. The Legal Committee should not be criticized. There should be the AfD MP Brandner be tilted as chairman. One one-time process,

It will be a historically unprecedented act: For the first time in the 70-year history of the Bundestag one of its committees is likely to fire its chairman. The Legal Committee intends this Wednesday the Deselect chairman Stephan Brandner – because the deputies of all other parties find the AfD man intolerable.

The SPD Vice-faction leader Eva HOgl At the beginning of November, he put it this way: "Mr Brandner has no human or political aptitude for chairing the Legal Affairs Committee. He has repeatedly proven that. "The members of the CDU / CSU, Greens, FDP and Left Party would sign this immediately.

Stephan Brandner: Far more than just provoking

It has concocted a lot. Brandner loves to provoke. Do that many AfD MPs, But the 53-year-old from Thuringia likes to put a fool on it.

An example: When the Bundestag debated in May on the 70th anniversary of the Basic Law, the AfD MP even attacked the sitting on the guest rostrum Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The rule of law is increasingly "ignored, bent and kicked by the other parties," complained Brandner. And that on almost all levels. "Let's start at the top, at head of state. "This was too much for Bundestag President Wolfgang Schauble. He called Brandner to a moderation.

Moderation, the other parties in the Committee on Legal Affairs of its chairman after the Terrorist attack of Halle desired with two dead and several injured. Brandner responded via Twitter on a ZDF interview in which the Jewish publicist Michel Friedman the AfD accused "Hatred of the Jews and Hatred of the Human Being" would have found a "political home" with her. Brandner then tweeted: "Every minute of this German Michel drives us new fans in droves – keep it up! # PaoloPinkel #Koksnase #Twingerfunk. "

Add to that a retweet, with which Brandner passed on a message from another user. He had written that the victims of Halle were "a German who liked to hear folk music" and "an organic German". "Why do politicians hang around with candles in mosques and synagogues?"

Stephen Brandner is not the first politician of the AfD to make a derailment. Thuringia AfD boss BjOrn HOcke agreed in the Bavarian Gredling this song.

AfD politician Brandner already caused more and more for scandals

The committee then openly opposed its chairman. Later, although declared in the Bundestag, he apologized when people through his Retweet "Attacked or treated badly treated". But that was not convincing from the point of view of the other committee members.

Especially as Brandner shortly thereafter the next scandal triggered. That the previously awarded the Federal Cross of Merit Rock singer Udo Lindenberg The AFD attacked sharply after her electoral success in Thuringia, made him tweet again: "Sure, why must we drooling against us / drool," wrote Brandner and pointed to the award given in early October – combined with the word "Judas wage".

Thus, the measure was full for the other groups in the Legal Committee. You see They see Brandner as a kind of multiple offender with poor social prognosis because of permanent risk of relapse. However, how to get rid of him? The Rules of Procedure of the Bundestag remain vague on these issues. In paragraph 58 it says only: "The committees determine their chairmen and their deputies according to the agreements in the Council of Elders." However, the Rules Committee decided last week that this also allows for a withdrawal. That should be done now.

And Brandner? He sees himself in the victimhood: The allegations that the term "Judas wage" awaken anti-Semitic associations and its use violates the dignity of the Bundestag, was "pulled by the hair" and "absurd".


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