Agreement for a left-wing coalition in Spain


They succeeded in less than 48 hours what they are
not managed to do in six months

   . The Socialists and Podemos announced on Tuesday that they have reached an agreement to form a progressive coalition government.

The leader of the Spanish Socialists, Pedro Sanchez and his Podemos counterpart, Pablo Iglesias, have come together in Parliament to sign the document that seals a pre-agreement guaranteeing the stability of the country for the next four years.

Vice Presidency for Podemos

The agreement should give the presidency of the government to Pedro Sanchez, the first vice-presidency
outgoing Minister of Economy, Nadia Calvino

   , and the second vice-presidency to Pablo Iglesias.

They have to find the support of other small parties to gather a majority of support in Parliament. They should be able to count on the support of
Basque Nationalists of the PNV

    and small regionalist parties. But even so, there will still be coalition allies missing in the vote in Parliament to gather more votes in his favor than against it. To achieve this, the PSOE and Podemos should still convince other parliamentary groups to abstain at the time of the decisive vote. It is still unclear whether this abstention will come from ERC Catalan left-wing separatists, or from Ciudadanos liberals, in a state of collapse.

Progressive Coalition

Smiling in front of the cameras as if the disagreements and mutual distrust of these last ones had disappeared by magic, Pedro Sanchez and Pablo Iglesias thus signed a text, Tuesday, in view of a progressive governmental coalition. "It's an agreement for a four-year legislature," announced Pedro Sanchez. "We have reached a preliminary agreement to form a coalition government in Spain that combines the experience of the PSOE with the courage of Podemos and which will be the best vaccine against the extreme right", commented Pablo Iglesias.

The document defines the priorities of the future government. Its main objective is the resolution of the Catalan crisis, promoting dialogue and "The search for formulas of agreement, always within the limits of the Constitution". It also highlights the importance of consolidating growth, creating jobs, combating climate change, protecting the right to housing or combating gender-based violence.

In less than 48 hours

This agreement is completed less than 48 hours after the parliamentary elections on Sunday confirmed
the fragmentation of the Spanish electoral landscape

   . The PSOE Socialists who remained in the lead, with 120 seats, confirmed themselves as the only option for possible government. But they lost ground against last April's elections, as did their potential allies, and the big winner of the poll was undoubtedly the far-right party Vox, who jumped to 52 elected officials, while He was only 24. It is undoubtedly this strong progress of the extreme right, especially in popular circles, which accelerated the conclusion of the pact of coalition between the socialists and Podemos.

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