Austria toll: vignette soon past? Alpine state wants to abolish toll partly


In Austria, the vignette could soon be omitted on popular tourism routes. Especially German car drivers save.

  • Currently, Germans have to pay toll on Austrian motorways.
  • For this reason, many are opting for free routes, which are then heavily loaded.
  • On some routes, this toll could soon be eliminated.

Update from November 12, 2019, 1:20 pm: Bavaria's Prime Minister Markus SOder (CSU) welcomes the planned after years of dispute by Austria toll relief for several sections of motorway near the border with Germany. That would not be the solution to all problems, but a positive signal, said SOder on Tuesday after a cabinet meeting in Munich. "If it were, I would be glad about it."

Do not you need a sticker soon? Austria wants to partially abolish toll

Original article dated 12th November 2019, 12.01 pm: Vienna – This push out Austria could relieve many motorists in Germany. The Budget Committee of the National Council has decided to exempt the toll for five important motorway routes in Austria – is your holiday route also affected?

Vignette in Austria: The toll could soon be dropped on these routes

The vignette exception routes are based on a request of the Austrian OVP, on Monday (11 November) also voted the Greens and NEOS for the toll exemption. Specifically, for example, it goes to the Inntal motorway (A12) to Kufstein-South, reports among other things.

The following five sections are affected:

  • Inntal motorway A12 (Kufstein-Sud)
  • West Motorway A1 (Salzburg-Nord)
  • Rheintal / Walgau motorway A14 (junction Hohenems)
  • Linz motorway A26
  • Muhlkreisautobahn A7 (still to be built bypass bridge between exit Hafenstrabe and Urfahr)

Reason for exception: instead of motorway, alternative routes are increasingly being used

The burden on people has increased from year to year, after the Freight in Austria was abolished in 2013, justified Hermann Gahr of the OVP the request. For this reason, the derogation from 15 December will now apply to the mentioned routes.

On Wednesday (13th of November) this will be Law change in Austria on the way, reports If the Federal Council then agrees, the toll relief according to Hermann Gahr could enter into force on 15 December and thus relieve the driver financially on the routes.

Renouncement of motorway vignette is however no long-term solution

As a long-term solution, the exceptions are not suitable, noted National Council Hermann Weratschnig of the Greens. But just for the upcoming winter season, it was the only sensible solution that could be implemented quickly.

The popular tourist months in winter are a burden for the local residents alternate routes, Many motorists drive around the toll roads to save money – to the suffering of those affected on the ground, which have to expect more noise and traffic. The derogation is hoped to relieve these evasive roads for the "congestion and noise-plagued" residents, explains Weratschnig.

Criticism of vignette exceptions – only free travel for German drivers?

According to censuses and surveys, around 4,500 motorists would use the alternative routes every day instead of using the toll road, says the Green Party politician. "More than 90 percent of them are tourist traffic," they say.

Especially German drivers are likely by the exception Save vignette and still be able to go directly on the ski vacation. They could get in the way of the Austrian SPO – because they plead to postpone the decision to find a better solution. In terms of transport and climate policy, the exemption is a "lumber trail", according to former Minister of Transport Alois StOger. For Germans mean the current application in the core but: free travel.

Meanwhile, the car toll in Germany continues to be the subject of discussion. On which routes in Europe do Germans pay tolls?

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