Bad weather, all the Mediterranean Cyclone data on Italy: gusts of 190km / h and 300mm of rain, like a 3rd Category Hurricane!


The numbers of the Mediterranean Cyclone that is flogging Italy are impressive: the Tempest deepened to 986hPa in the Tyrrhenian Sea and is causing phenomena of bad weather very violent for over 24 hours. The bad weather will also continue this night, especially in the North / East but also between lower Lazio and Campania and in the South, between central / eastern Sicily and southern Calabria and Jonica. The meteorological data are exceptional: all the records were recorded in Sicily, with a gust of wind of 187km / h tonight in Novara di Sicilia and well 307mm of rain accumulated on the ground since yesterday in Linguaglossa on Etna. They are typical numbers of the Hurricanes 3rd Category on the Saffir-Simpson scale.

Apocalypse in Venice in the night, record high water: reached 187cm, Piazza San Marco submerged (PHOTO and VIDEO)

The gusts of wind reached between the evening of Monday 11 and the day of Tuesday 12 November

  • 187km / h in Novara di Sicilia
  • 151km / h in Castrignano de ’Greci
  • 124km / h in Pisticci
  • 120km / h in Capo Carbonara
  • 119km / h in Gallipoli
  • 115km / h in Tripi
  • 114km / h in Monasterace and Campobello di Mazara
  • 113km / h in Monte di Procida
  • 104km / h on Pantelleria
  • 103km / h to Paola
  • 101km / h in Ventotene and Sellia superiore
  • 98km / h to Posillipo
  • 97km / h at Capo Spartivento
  • 96km / h in Marina di Ginosa, Scilla and Petilia Policastro
  • 95km / h to Sannicola
  • 94km / h in Grottaglie
  • 93km / h in Pagani and Torre Faro
  • 92km / h in Martina Franca
  • 91km / h in Reggio Calabria and Gioia del Colle
  • 90km / h in Crotone, Bacoli, Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto and Lequile
  • 89km / h Cavallino, Roseto Capo Spulico and Sortino
  • 88km / h in Montalbano Elicona
  • 87km / h in Messina and Lecce
  • 84km / h in Taranto and Termini Imerese
  • 83km / h in Vico del Gargano
  • 82km / h in Palo del Colle, Veglie and Francavilla Fontana
  • 80km / h in Santa Maria di Leuca and Lampedusa

The main rainfall accumulations of the last 36 hours

  • 307mm to Linguaglossa
  • 205mm to Mesoraca
  • 160mm in Caltagirone
  • 147mm in Randazzo
  • 146mm to Mazarin
  • 138mm in Molochio
  • 127mm in Serra San Bruno
  • 113mm in Gela
  • 110mm in Piazza Armerina and Albidona
  • 109mm in Catanzaro
  • 105mm in Enna and Gambarie d’Aspromonte
  • 103mm in Agrigento and Terracina
  • 97mm in Pisticci
  • 95mm in Licata
  • 92mm in Priverno
  • 87mm in Montalbano Elicona
  • 86mm in Locorotondo and Vieste
  • 82mm in Matera and Comiso
  • 80mm in Modica
  • 79mm in Fiumicino, Martina Franca, Francavilla Fontana and Torre Faro
  • 58mm in Reggio Calabria
  • 57mm in Syracuse
  • 50mm in Lecce
  • 43mm in Catania

Meanwhile on MeteoWeb we are following all the bad weather live with a Nowcasting special: to monitor the situation, here are the useful pages to follow the weather situation in real time:

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