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The return of Gareth Bale with the selection of Wales looks like a huge snub to Real Madrid. He trains normally and postulates clearly for both playoff games. A simple coincidence?

The relations between Gareth Bale and Real Madrid seem more complicated than ever. The club has looked for a way out throughout the summer and after a few weeks, it is the Welsh clan who wants to find a new challenge next January. However, due to summer injuries, Zidane quickly gave him playing time and the former Spur was able to seize his chance. Until the last international window …

Bale was injured with his selection and has not participated in a collective training since then with Real Madrid. But soon returned under the orders of Giggs, he participated in the first training most normally of the world … "It is complicated", replied Dani Carvajal at first interview on the subject by Marca on the sidelines of the rally of the team of Spain.

The lateral has still clarified his thinking by bringing a fairly positive light: "This week, he had the medical green light to go into selection and he gives himself thoroughly for his country, which does not mean that he does not give himself for us. I do not doubt his commitment and I hope he will not hurt himself and that on his return (selection) he will be with us again. "

Bale could play again with the Welsh after returning to Valdebebas. And strange thing, it is a certain Saul Niguez, also in selection, which brought a different light on the case of Basel. "We met Bale when we went to see our agents. He surprised me a lot, he's a great guy and we talked … in Spanish ! ", he pleaded, always for Marca.When one knows that it is a reproach that is done to him very regularly, in particular on behalf of Socios du Real, this precision of a Colchonero seems really tasty.

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