Bayern-JHV: Again attacks against Uli Hoeness? Edmund Stoiber with appeal


Uli Hoeness will retire at the annual general meeting of FC Bayern in the second row. Will there be hostility as with the JHV 2018?

Update of November 13, 2019: It was a spectacular speech: Bayern member Johannes Bachmayr had criticized Uli Hoeneb at the annual general meeting 2018 sharp for alleged cliques and patronage of the record champions – and received plenty of applause from the audience.

FC Bayern: hostility against Uli Hoeness at JHV 2018

Later it became public that the harsh statements of the fans as well as further hostility at the general meeting of the President of FC Bayern had added properly.

Among other things, at that time the Audi Dome, where the JHV took place, had a North Korea flag with the inscription "Not my President" in English: "Not my President." JHV 2019 Bayern Supervisory Board member Edmund Stoiber addressed a haunting appeal to the fans.

"The past annual general meeting was not only emotional, but there was also a very polemical, below the belt line saying", said the former Bavarian Prime Minister (CSU) of the Sports picture (Print edition): "I hope and assume that this is in view of the outstanding life of Uli Hoeneb for Bayern will not repeat on Friday. That would be totally inappropriate. "

Whether the fans and members will abide by the farewell of the 67-year-old?

Bayern withdrawal: Uli Hoeneb about his biggest mistake

Update of November 10, 2019: Bayern president Uli Hoeneb provides with a spontaneous call at the "double pass" for a TV hammer. Reason for his appearance: the criticism of Hasan Salihamidzic.

Update of November 10, 2019: When Bayern prevails after the power demonstration against Dortmund again sunshine. FCB President Uli Hoeneb reveals afterwards in the ZDF sports studio details about the end of Niko Kovac.

Munich – On November 15, Uli Hoeneb will end his time at the head of Bayern after 40 years. The President of the Munich does not stand for re-election. Before his retreat, the 67-year-old spoke with the Vereinsmagazin 51 (November issue).

Bayern: Hoeneb is looking forward to spending more time with his grandchildren

In the interview, he explained what his time after the FCB would look like. Of course, he provides the club with advice, but if it's not needed, that's a good sign. "I am especially looking forward to spending even more time with my grandchildren. Among other things, I am Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Dominik-Brunner Foundation and I am on the board of the FC Bayern Hilfe eV, will continue to give my lectures, golfing and Schafkopfen – it will not be the case that I sit at home in front of the phone and wait that someone is calling. "

He is not worried about his succession. He sees the club in good hands with Herbert Hainer and Oliver Kahn. A Bayern career does not aim for a TV career: "In no case. But if I'm aloof from anything, I could imagine being a guest at a political talk again. "

On Friday evening, the Bayern president also caused a stir with a challenge to the Bundesliga.

Bavarian President Hoeness talks about his biggest mistake

Although the native Ulmer has a significant stake in making Bayern one of the largest and most successful sports clubs in the world, not everything went well in his life.

"My biggest mistake was my tax issue. I deeply regret that, and criticism of it is highly justified, "Hoeneb admits. His family stopped him during his hard time in prison. At that time he could think a lot and learn about life. "As crazy as it sounds: I do not want to miss this time either. In difficult hours, I remember the fates that I got there. Once, one was sitting in my room, even though he was dismissed. He said he did not know where to go. Nobody picked him up. At some point he sat in a taxi. Nowhere. Such experiences do not pass without a trace. "

Before he was imprisoned, the president was said at the annual general meeting of FC Bayern "I also remember that I had decided only at the last second, in November 2013 to go to the meeting, on which I had to say goodbye as president. If I had not gone, I would certainly not have returned, because this encouragement of our fans back then has given me tremendous power. "

Uli Hoeneb was tackled by his own player

In the interview, Hoeneb also told a less beautiful anecdote from his time as a Bayern manager.

At that time he was attacked by one of his own players: "The Markus Babbel, who came to me in Bremen in the cabin at the throat. (…) He had himself tunneled twice by Andi Herzog. Then I snapped at him: "Close your legs!" Three players had to hold him back, but he was already on my collar. The next day we shook hands. "

Last game at the ex-club? So could Kovac set against Frankfurt

For Bayern coach Niko Kovac, the game could be a game of fate in his former club Eintracht Frankfurt – he and the team need after five disappointing games due to an urgent liberation. Which players does Kovac trust and how does he set up?

Before the Bundesliga match on Saturday, however, there was also sad news to announce, because as the German record champion announced on Friday, you mourned for a long-standing vice president and a club legend and will therefore run up against Frankfurt with Trauerflor.

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