Bayern surprises with cover letter: could recover DT Guardiola | Bundesliga


Better old acquaintance than new to know, says the saying to which Bayern Munich could appeal to solve an acute crisis that already cost the head to coach Niko Kovac.

He did it recently with Jupp Heynckes and won the Bundesliga, the Cup and reached the Champions semifinals, in a kind of favor of who today is a living legend, and in a campaign of happy remembrance in Colombia, because there was James Rodriguez.

The mess is that Heynckes will not return from his retirement and if the intention is to guarantee a winning DT, you have to look at another point, specifically Pep Guardiola.

That would be the hidden letter that, according to the Bild newspaper, would have the Bavarian leadership. Its version is based on the fact that the three years that the Spaniard spent on the bench were marked by the titles and the only mole was the Champions League, which is almost an obsession for one of the most successful coaches in the world.

Bild says that Guardiola has never lost contact with the dome of Bayern, that his opinion remains highly respected and that on his departure, in 2016, he made a promise that he hopes to fulfill: "I will return here, to Germany, perhaps as a coach".

The media says, traditionally very aware of the intimacy of the Munich team, that Guardiola is not satisfied in Manchester City, that his family never finished accommodating life there and that in the current season it seems very difficult to oppose the machine that is Liverpool, which demotivates the DT.

Guardiola joins two other preferred names in Bayern: Thomas Tuchel (PSG) and Erik ten Hag (Ajax). The difficulty is that everyone has valid contracts and that makes it difficult to arrive before next summer. Will you run a new risk or return to an old acquaintance? The market can take unexpected turns …

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