Cabinet: gaffing and upskirting punishable soon


Gawkers who take pictures at accident sites should no longer get away with it – just like under-the-rock filmmakers. Justice Minister Lambrecht has submitted a bill to the Cabinet. It also provides for imprisonment.

Federal Minister of Justice Christine Lambrecht is serious about her plans to declare guilty in accidents and the under-the-rock films to criminal offenses. in the ARD television She said it was an important signal to close this loophole. "It must be clear that this is not a trivial offense." It is not about condemning as many people as possible, but initiating a social debate.

Today it is done, we do not take it, "said the SPD politician of the" Neue Osnabrucker Zeitung "(NOZ) with a view to Gaffer.

Penalties and prison sentences planned

According to the bill, the photographing of accidents and the spreading of images on the net will be punished in the future. Up to now only criminal prosecution is possible, who obstructs rescue workers or photographs injured persons degradingly – in the future this should also apply to accidental deaths. It faces fines and imprisonment for up to two years.

"It's about people who have lost their lives, it's incomprehensible to me how people can enjoy pictures of them," Lambrecht told the NOZ. That those who published such photos, would also be rewarded with likes and comments, was "just scary".

Upskirting so far regulatory offense

Also the secret photography and filming under skirt or dress – called Upskirting – as well as in the neckline Lambrecht wants to put under penalty. "That too is humiliating and hurtful," she criticized in the NOZ. The photos are shared in chat groups and even distributed commercially. "It hurts women when they are demoted to objects," said Lambrecht. Countless sufferers would have turned to her.

So far, such photographing is usually considered a misdemeanor and will only be punished as a criminal offense if the offender touches the victim or in addition insulted and humiliated. In any case, those affected can demand the immediate cancellation, compensation and possibly a monetary compensation.

The Cabinet wants to put the proposals of Lambrecht in the morning on the way.

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