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Frank Lampard, since he assumed the technical direction of Chelsea in July of this year, he prepared a list of rules which players must meet during the 2019-20 season in the Premier League and other tournaments. If they do not respect them, they must pay exorbitant sums of money.

Five dates ago that Chelsea's Frank Lampard He doesn't know defeat. Currently, they are in third place in the Premier League. The good moment would be the result of the regime imposed by the strategist on the London team.

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The penalties in the whole of Stamford Bridge it goes from 583 euros (S / 2171.19) to 23,353 euros (S / 86944.32). The vast majority of fines are linked to cases of lateness and cell phone use during some feedback from the team.

Then, from least to greatest, the list of fines:

– Being late for a talk: 583 euros (S / 2171.19) per minute.

– Have your phone ring during a meal or a meeting: 1,167 euros (S / 4346.10).

– Arriving late to the gym for ‘preactivation’: 1,167 euros (S / 4346.10).

– Wear the wrong clothing for a team trip or a match day: 1,167 euros (S / 4346.10).

– Being late for a treatment session: 1,167 euros (S / 4346.10).

– Arrive late on game day or when traveling: 2,918 euros (S / 10867.11)

– Being late for medical appointments: 2,918 euros (S / 10867.11)

– Being late for training: 2,918 euros and 2,918 euros more for every 15 minutes late (S / 10867.11).

– Do not travel back on the team bus without notifying the ‘staff’ technician 48 hours in advance: 5,837 euros (S / 21737.94).

– Reject community services: 5,837 euros (S / 21737.94).

– Do not report illness / injury before the day off or an hour and a half before training: 11,677 euros (S / 43487.06)

– Arriving late at the start of training: 23,353 euros (S / 86944.32).

The agency ‘PA’ was responsible for filtering information on the large numbers that Chelsea players must pay if they do not meet the list of statutes imposed by Frank Lampard, who – as you remember – is one of his living legends, so he played 12 seasons in the London team.

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