Coupe de France (7th round): Belfort Sud – Nancy will finally play at Marcel-Picot – Foot – CdF


The seventh round match of the Coupe de France between Belfort Sud (Regional 1) and Nancy (Ligue 2), initially scheduled Sunday afternoon (2 pm) at the Roger-Serzian stadium in Belfort, will finally take place at Marcel-Picot stadium. from Nancy. This was confirmed by ASNL on Wednesday, stating that "The club franc-comtois rest (has) nonetheless the organizer".

The leaders of Belfort South had regretted a choice "Reluctantly" in a message posted on social networks Tuesday night, lamenting the "Personal attitudes and positions of some senior officials seeking to privilege personal interests to the detriment of common sense and common interest".

"We could not take the risk of having two matches in twenty-four hours at Serzian (another Belfort team, the ASMB, will host GFC Ajaccio on Saturday, at 2 pm), especially since the weather forecast is bad, justified the president of South Belfort, Mohamed El Hachani, in an interview with Republican East. However, in case of postponement, we would be obliged to go during the week, to Nancy. And then there have been so many unfavorable events since the draw … (…) The Belfortaine preference is given to the ASMB, while the ASBS is relegated to second, third zone. "

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