Eight and a half, Lilli Gruber scolds Giorgia Meloni: "Answer fast". The answer is very hard


Tense climate a Half past eight between the hostess Lilli Gruber and his guest Giorgia Meloni. At one point the Gruber, so rude to the leader of Brothers of Italy, scolds her: "It must be quick in the answers otherwise Famo three questions in thirty minutes ". The Meloni remains of stone:" Excuse me they are complex subjects, they cannot be dealt with superficially ". The conductor now out of control insists:" Then let's go on another transmission ". At that point the leader of Fratelli d'Italia freezes her:" But this is not a superficial transmission". Shortly before there was another heated discussion between Gruber and Meloni on relations between governments and the European Union, the Leader of Brothers in Italy.

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