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Specifically, it is planned to grid the site of Fleur de Lys by new streets including a commercial street that would cross from east to west in the extension of the street Blouin in Vanier eventually to join ExpoCite.

The former Sears store will be detached from the mall and will be transformed and / or rebuilt to house restaurants and greenhouses.

The old La Baie will be demolished to make way for residential buildings. The potential is estimated at 1500-2000 housing units, including 400 in a senior citizens residence.

The businesses that occupy the old Sears and The Bay will be relocated in the mall.

Offices and services are planned on the front of Hamel Boulevard where one could find an "event pole" outside and public spaces.

The plan suggests a strengthening of the "entertainment" vocation already present with the Loto-Quebec gaming hall. The interest of promoters for a cinema is already known.

A teaching and training function with student residences also appears on the plan. This "pole of knowledge", which seems to me unpublished, would have frontage on the new east-west street.

The presence in the neighborhood of the Institute for Rehabilitation in Physical Disability (Center Francois-Charron) could make interesting services or equipment adapted to this clientele.

It is no surprise to find in this plan a hotel (150 to 200 rooms) near the Laurentian Highway that the promoters and the City of Quebec hope to see turn into an urban boulevard.

The idea has been in the air for several decades and would sew a Saint-Roch district divided by the highway. The Ministry of Transport, however, has always been reluctant.

The Fleur de Lys revival project is now becoming an additional argument. Even an essential condition for the new neighborhood to play its full role: mending the city at the intersection of neighboring neighborhoods of Limoilou, Saint-Roch, Saint-Sauveur and Vanier.

In the same vein, the plan suggests a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over Laurentian Highway (or the eventual urban boulevard).

I had always understood that to animate a neighborhood, it is better to keep pedestrians at the sidewalk, rather than to send them in airbridges or tunnels.

As long as Laurentian remains a highway, a bridge seems essential to connect Fleur de Lys to the amphitheater, the park and the Grand Market at ExpoCite.

But we will have to see if it will have the same relevance the day Laurentian becomes a boulevard with traffic lights, sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks.


The Trudel group had not planned to release the details of its project before the start of the year 2020, the time to refine the plans and conclude the ongoing negotiations.

Joined by The sun, Jonathan Trudel has limited his public comments to this:

"The plans and models that you have in hand are still evolving following consultations and comments received as part of our Reinventing FDL (Fleur de Lys) initiative," he said by email.

Mr. Trudel explains in this same email "want to meet with many organizations and stakeholders at the municipal and provincial levels before finalizing anything".

The goal is to start work next year and complete it in five to seven years. It remains to be seen whether the Quebec market will be strong enough to absorb this new big project in the desired timeframe.

The transformation of Laurentienne over the two kilometers separating Soumande and Red Cross streets in Saint-Roch is at the center of discussions with public authorities. We are also discussing the creation of new streets (public or private), the future of the Salon de jeux at Fleur de Lys, the public transport service, etc.

In this regard, Mayor Regis Labeaume has already mentioned the idea of ​​extending the planned trambus line between Saint-Roch and ExpoCite to Lebourgneuf. It would seem logical that this future line goes through the new district of Fleur de Lys.

But do not mix things up. It is already quite complicated to plan the tram-trambus project without adding an extension scenario too quickly.

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