Gigafactory from Tesla near Berlin: the most important questions and answers


WWhat exactly does the e-carmaker Tesla want to produce in Germany, and why did Tesla boss Elon Musk opt for the Berlin-Brandenburg region? The answers to the most important questions:

Where should the Tesla factory be built?

The planned so-called Gigafactory is to be built on a commercial site in Grunheide, Brandenburg. The place is located only a few kilometers east of the border between Berlin and Brandenburg. There is a direct connection to the A10, within 15 minutes you are at the junction of the new airport BER.

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The Brandenburg state government wants to speak on Wednesday afternoon in Potsdam on the plans of the American e-car manufacturer. Grunheide was already talking about a possible location for a BMW plant almost 20 years ago. However, the Munich-based carmaker decided in favor of Leipzig and has been building the electric i3 ever since.

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What should be built in the Berlin Gigafactory?

Elon Musk announced by tweet late Tuesday evening that in the new factory not only cars, but also batteries and the powertrain for the electric vehicles are to be manufactured. As the first model, the model Y in Berlin from the tape. This SUV version of the Model 3 is not yet on the market.

How many jobs could arise?

The Berlin Senate expects the planned Tesla factory in Brandenburg with thousands of new jobs. "At present, the factory in Brandenburg is talking about 6,000, 7,000 jobs," said Berlin's Economics Senator Ramona Pop (Greens) on Wednesday at RBB Inforadio. In addition, there would be "a few hundred, if not a few thousand" new jobs in Berlin. Tesla is not only a pure car manufacturer, but also active in the fields of software, innovation and research.

The city sign of Freienbrink district of Gruenheide is pictured near Berlin

Freienbrink belongs to Grunheide. Here the Tesla factory is to be built


How could Brandenburg convince Elon Musk?

Many federal states had sought the establishment of the Tesla plant, after Musk had announced over a year ago by tweet that Germany is one of the favorites in the location issue. How exactly Brandenburg prevails against the Saarland, Lower Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate and others, is not yet clear. Without government funding, the construction is unlikely to take place. However, subsidies are not only available for Tesla, large factories of other manufacturers are also being promoted.

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Details on the arguments that have convinced Tesla, could announce the Brandenburg state government in the afternoon. "We tried to convince simply with our advantages, with the location advantages that we have. But we also have, I believe, convinced with our restrained Brandenburg charm, "says Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD). That could have been enough, however, may be considered as excluded.

What do you say in Berlin about the Tesla decision for Brandenburg?

In the capital, the joy of the Tesla decision is huge, even if the planned so-called Gigafactory should not arise in the city, but on the eastern outskirts. "The planned production size we could not have satisfied with inner-city areas," said Senator Pop told WELT.

A Tesla factory built in the city of Shanghai on November 8, 2019. (Photo by HECTOR RETAMAL / AFP)

Tesla factory in Shanghai: The next copy is made near Berlin

Source: AFP

Nevertheless, the entire region benefits from the decision. "Berlin has the talents, the growing digital economy has been attracting people for years. That, too, was a reason for Tesla to choose the region, "says Pop. And further: "Apparently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk also liked that Berlin and Brandenburg have made a commitment to e-mobility as a technology of the future. We have new funding programs for electricity storage and photovoltaic expansion, for example. "

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Berlin plays "in the Champions League" and could obviously compete internationally with booming cities like Shanghai. Even memories of Berlin's earlier years as a booming industrial city are coming to life: "With a Tesla settlement Berlin now appears on the map of the relevant car production sites – and builds on a successful industrial history," said the Green Senator.

Has Berlin ever done anything to make Tesla decide for Germany?

On August 16, 2018, Senator Pop wrote a letter to Elon Musk. The occasion was a Twitter message from the Tesla boss, according to which the e-car company is looking for a new location in Europe. "Dear Mr. Musk", Pop opened and then advertised extensively for the capital. "Berlin has a long tradition in automotive technology with numerous skilled workers and suppliers," the letter says. Above all, the city is established as a location for science, technology and the digital economy. "Every 15 hours, a new digital enterprise is created in Berlin", Pop relented on Wednesday.

Tesla plans plant in Grunheide municipality

Connection: A sign points to the access to the highway 10. Within 15 minutes you are at the junction of the new airport BER

Source: dpa / Monika Skolimowska

According to the Green politician, Tesla can also count on subsidies for the development of his production. "Any company that relocates or expands here, creates jobs, creates new jobs, is entitled to this economic development," she said Wednesday at RBB Inforadio.

What is Tesla planning in Berlin?

The speech is currently from an additional development location. "There is the idea for a Tesla development and design center in the city, but still no concrete commitment and no plot," said Ramona Pop to WELT. The marketing agency Berlin Partner is still in talks with the group from California.

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