Giuseppe Conte sull'Ilva is preparing for the worst. The background is now pessimistic: the government is trembling


Giuseppe Conte this time it's a lot pessimist on the affair dell'Ilva. To frighten him most of all is the silence of ArcelorMittal, as if all the moves studied by the President of the Council are useless before a multinational company that is not intimidated even in the face of the threat of a legal cause "of the century". And it doesn't just tremble for Ilva Conte, but for the consequences it could have on the majority holding.

The government's strategy at this time reveals The Republic in a backstory, it is to show off tranquility, to show that on the field there are alternatives, as the Minister of Economic Development has suggested Stefano Patuanelli after meeting with the owner of the Piombino steelworks Sajjan Jindal. Conte in a letter asked his ministers to get busy. Although despite everything he still hopes to be able to bring ArcelorMittal back to the negotiating table.

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In the next few hours the Prime Minister will see the Apulian parliamentarians to see how many possibilities the majority has of remaining united, in case there is a need to reintroduce a form of penal immunity for the Ilva dealers. The two amendments to the fiscal decree presented to the Chamber by the Renzians, to return to the original shield, will in all probability be rendered inadmissible. But so the tension rises further. Also in the Pd. Nicola Zingaretti in fact he vented his feelings with some comrades: "This executive was certainly born to make the maneuver and save the Italians the Salvini tax, the 23 billion Iva. He was also born to stop the advance of the League. But as for me he also had and I would say above all another purpose: to build a real and strong alternative to the right, outside the Palace it does not make sense". And if" my party will never do drop the government", he assures, accidents can always happen. Especially if there was a defeat at the regional in Emilia Romagna.

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