"He was in predatory mode": these parents will never forget to have crossed the road of Nordahl Lelandais


RTL and Le Parisien published Tuesday the edifying testimony of a couple of inhabitants of the Pont-de-Beauvoisin, the town where the little Maelys was removed before being killed in the night of 26 to 27 August 2017.

These parents of a three and a half year old girl agreed to confide in "show that we are dealing with a predator who was hunting that night "they explain to our confreres.

It was at them that Nordahl Lelandais went. The mother then celebrated her birthday. But the behavior of the old dog handler was not really fitting with the mood, remembers the father.

"He was very cold, he smoked cigarette-to-cigarette, his jaw clenched, his gaze fixed, without a smile, even though he was in a party, he was weird, he created a malaise."

Her companion goes even further, evoking the strange behavior of Nordahl Lelandais with his girl of three and a half years.

"There was something unclear, it was my maternal instinct that spoke, I did not understand why he was telling me that my daughter was kind and polite while at that time, Émilie was rather wild with them. people and did not say hello, " she confided to our colleagues.

And to add having felt the need to not leave his daughter any more.

"He probably noticed it, and after a while, he ended up leaving the party."

"In hindsight, I think he was in a predatory mode, he was looking for prey, and his prey could have been our daughter." completed the father.

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