High water in Venice: two dead, until Friday it will be an emergency | Zaia: "Apocalyptic devastation"


Zaia: "It is an apocalyptic and total devastation" We have before us an apocalyptic and total devastation, but I am not exaggerating with words, 80% of the cities are under water, unimaginable, fearful damages ", said the President of the Veneto of the League, Luca Zaia, in connection with Mattino 5 .

Brugnaro: serious damage to San Marco "Venice is on its knees. The Basilica of San Marco has suffered serious damage like the entire city and the islands. We are here with Patriarch Moraglia to support us but we need everyone's help to overcome these days that they are putting us to the test ". The mayor of Venice Luigiu Brugnaro writes it on twitter. The high water did not spare the Teatro La Fenice: it invaded the service areas making the electrical system and the anti-fire system useless.


Boats in the streets, signs of devastation in the city Boats pushed by the wind in the streets, piers of the jetties destroyed, everywhere in the light of the early morning the signs of devastation caused by the exceptional tide. This is how Venice appears the day after the "granda water" – so it was defined that 1966 flood record – of this 2019. In Calle delle Razze, near Piazza San Marco, a motorboat driven by a trumpet is still stuck. air that hit the Marciana area while the storm was raging, and it was the wind vortex at 100 km per hour that made a massacre of gondolas and other boats.

Schools closed in the city All the schools in the city today remain closed. However, the ACTV waterbuses are regularly in operation, which can be stopped for safety reasons only when the tide exceeds the meter and 50. Also the municipal seat of Ca 'Farsetti, overlooking the Grand Canal, has remained isolated due to the tide.

Hotel Manager: it is devastation "It is devastation: the damage is enormous and unfortunately it is not over. The high tides are continuing and the electric panels have been skipped, the hotels do not even have the pumps available to let the water out". This was said by Claudio Scarpa, director of the Venetian hoteliers association. Many structures found themselves in serious difficulties during the night, with the tidal peak of 187 centimeters. "One of our associates – explains Scarpa – had tourists in the rooms on the ground floor that literally had to run away with their belongings on the highest floors".

In Venice high water from the highest since 1966 In Venice the high water reached 187 centimeters at 10:50 pm on Tuesday: it is the second highest historical measure after the 194cm of the 1966 flood. The municipal administration has decided to close nurseries and kindergartens in cities and islands of the Lagoon. Three waterbuses sank while they were moored at Sant'Elena, gondolas detached from the moorings and pushed over Riva degli Schiavoni, a fire struck an electric cabin next to the Ca 'Pesaro museum.

Mayor: "It is a disaster, we will ask for a state of disaster" "This is a disaster, this time the damage must be counted," said mayor Luigi Brugnaro. In a video shared on social media, the moved citizen said that "Venice continues to be distressed by the exceptional high waters. Last year, the same year". "We ask the government to participate – added Brugnaro – and to understand at what level is the organization of the Mose, because here we really risk not making it anymore". The mayor then announced that he will request a state of natural disaster for the city.

Flooded the Basilica, submerged the crypt The high water has also invaded the Basilica of San Marco where the damage could be huge: at the time of peak tide, 110 centimeters of water was measured in the Basilica, while the whole crypt was submerged. The recently replaced marbles, bricks and columns of the building, have also ended up under water.

Damages on the Venetian coast, worries the Piave The President of Veneto, Luca Zaia, has activated the crisis unit of the regional civil protection, where the regional councilor Gianpaolo Bottacin and the director of the regional civil protection, Luca Soppelsa, are operative. The damage caused by the exceptional high water in Venice is being monitored, with very serious repercussions on the entire lagoon, but there are also alarm conditions on the entire Venetian coast, while the situation of some rivers, in particular the Piave, is worrying because the sea ​​does not receive.

Two people died in Pellestrina A 78 year old died of electrocution in the island of Pellestrina, one of the tongues of land that separates Venice from the sea. It happened while on the lagoon the wind and rain storm that caused the exceptional high water in the city was discharged. To cause the death of the elderly would have been an electrical short circuit triggered by the tide that had entered his house. A second inhabitant of the island, also found deceased in
home, probably due to natural causes

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