"Irrevocable"! WhatsApp deletes users' accounts – they did not do anything wrong


WhatsApp attracts the annoyance of some users – because countless users were locked the accounts overnight, reactivation not possible.

  • Whatsapp has blocked many users who were completely surprised.
  • The lock often has nothing to do with the behavior of the affected user.
  • WhatsappUsers can hardly protect themselves from the problem.

Usually, apps operators want to attract as many users as possible. Whatsapp however, some of it seems User just want to get rid of. In the past few days, people in various forums have reported that their accounts and those of their friends have been blocked without warning – irrevocably! Initial analyzes suggest: It is up to the Names of groupsin which they were members. The titles of the groups consisted in almost all cases of pornographic, glorifying violence or otherwise problematic words.

Own fault? The problem is that the groups in question seem to be normal groups, like friends, or even um Organizational networks of students. In one case, one of the contributors to the WhatsApp-themed website wabetainfo reports that group member changed the name to scare the remaining (nearly 100) group members. Although the name has been changed within a minute, all members have been banned.

WhatsApp Support: No answer for sufferers anymore

A user named u / Mowe11 writes on Reddit: "I'm irrevocable been blocked by WhatsAppbecause one guy from our university group changed the name to 'child pornography' and now the entire group is locked up. "He continues," We tried to contact support, but we all get only one automated answerthat we have violated the rules. But we did not do anything wrong. "

Permanent ban from r / whatsapp

Quickly a whole series of other stakeholders have reported, all the same message from Support which also states that they will not get another answer. You probably have no choice but to change the number – or up Whatsapp to renounce. A user could indeed his Save chat history from a backupBut he was afraid that this could be fatal to him again after days. As the case went out, does not show from the forum.

WhatsApp can detect illegal groups only through metadata

One reason for WhatsApp's approach could be the End-to-end encryption be, in conjunction with the claim of the platform, illegal organizations to leave no room. Due to the encryption, WhatsApp does not have access to the content of the chat despite some data leakage. To check, what attitude the users are, only remain metadata, ie: creation date, group description and group name. This seems to scan the chat service with an at least partially automated algorithm. Only the algorithm seems to have weak points – or seems to have not considered this vulnerability in groups.

Responded to Twitter WhatsApp users with great incomprehension. A user can not believe it: "This is too bizarre to be true," he writes. Another commented laconically with "#deletewhatsapp", "delete Whatsapp". Another comment points in this direction:Facebook has killed WhatsApp ". Although there are always new features, many users are dissatisfied with the fact that Facebook has taken over the chat service.

So far, the group has not responded. So there is nothing left for users to do no misleading group names to use. For very large groups it could be beneficial to the Restrict editing options for the members, So at least the probability that a member comes to stupid thoughts.

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