Mbappe to Real Madrid: Thierry Henry hopes that French will become a star | Transfers 2020 Spain


Current football stops having two monarchs to give way to princes who threaten to overthrow them. From the bipartite fight between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, he appears – among other great cracks with less than 20 years – Kylian Mbappe. The French of PSG it is a reality that the whole world enjoys and that Thierry henry trust it for the next decade.

The former player of Arsenal Y Barcelona he has his heir in the France national team. "Mbappe will set the bar very high if it is not injured and remains in the National Team”, Said‘ Titi ’.

The former soccer player was encouraged to say that Mbappe it will last two decades at the top of world football, "for what he is doing, for his number of matches, for his intelligence in the game that I often mention when I talk about Mbappe …"

It will last longer than Cristiano and Messi, compared to Zlatan

"We will talk about it for another 20 years. Everyone says he is young, because of his age, but he is not really young. We talked about his speed, his dribbles, his goals … Maybe I've been a little fast, but I hope to see him 15, 16, 20 years if he can. Zlatan Ibrahimovic still plays!", said ‘Titi’.

Will Mbappe arrive in Real Madrid?

One of the ways for Mbappe comply with the prediction of Henry, will be to reach a very large club where you can meet all your goals, and that is the Real Madrid.

The club he runs Zidane I would be planning to put all your chips for the French in the next transfer markets. According to ild Bild ’, the institution of Chamartin I would put more than 400 million euros on the table to take it with you.


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