MMA: Humberto Bandenay, UFC expeleador, returns to FFC 41: "I have returned to Peru, but not to stay" Contact


Sometimes, to step forward it is necessary to go back two. That is clear Humberto Bandenay. Although he knew how to savor a victory in the UFC, he also suffered three straight defeats, which determined that the company did not renew him.

With 25 years, he has a lot of career ahead and this Wednesday he will look for that impulse that relocates him in the ‘major leagues. And it is that Bandenay will return – after two years – to the cage that catapulted him to UFC, that of the Fusion Fighting Championship (FFC), which celebrates its 41st edition.

Bandenay will be fighting against Argentine Bruno Conti in the Grand Prix to determine the featherweight champion. In the other key, Martin Mollinedo will hit Juan Pablo Varela.

After your time at the UFC, how do you return to Peru?

The FFC presented me with an interesting proposal, it is the event of which I have been champion, I could not refuse it. It helps me to keep up with the competition.

Leaving the UFC with a three-game losing streak, how much does it affect?

It affects the output, it bothered me, but I know it is part of the game, sometimes you win, others you lose. I already accepted what my mistakes were. That is paramount, the realization. I also worked with a sports psychologist, but above all I still have that flame to keep fighting and I doubt that they will take it away from me.

Much was said about your return to the local circuit, how do you take it?

People can give their opinions, I make the decisions and the FFC gave me an interesting and good proposal in every way. I have received proposals from other sides, from large companies, but everything is taken calmly. I'm going to decide the right time, I don't want to hurry.

But is your idea to go out again?

Yes, of course I have returned to Peru, but not to stay, if not to go out again. This fight is good and apart in thanks to the event of which I was twice champion.

Humberto Bandenay was prepared in the FFC Team and in Barranko Muay Thai. (FFC)
Humberto Bandenay was prepared in the FFC Team and in Barranko Muay Thai. (FFC)

You are 25 years old, getting a winning streak can you afford to return to the UFC?

Yeah right. Age is not a restriction. And in fact all kinds of possibility are evaluated, not everything is the UFC. If I receive a better offer, I would think about it too. Let's go calmly, step by step.

What to say about this fight on your return to the FFC?

I am excited to return to the FFC and fight in front of my people, my friends who are going to support me. It is gratifying.

About your rival, Bruno Conti …

I know he is a champion in Argentina and is a versatile fighter. It will be a nice fight, I'm ready for everything.

How do you expect the fight to take place, are you going to look for a resounding victory?

I hope to be victorious, whatever the way. I want to end the fight and leave nothing to the judges, I am focused and mentalized. I am ready to go out to fight and rearm everything.

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