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Eduardo Cruz Acillona | The glass with which you look
Eduardo Cruz Acillona | The glass with which you look

"Parasites" is a film directed by South Korean Bong Joon-Ho that has just premiered just two weeks ago in the best movie theaters, which is what is always said (let you know which are the worst), and that has won the Palme d'Or at the Cannes festival, receiving complimentary and unanimous criticism in newspapers, cultural supplements and specialized press from all over Europe and abroad.

"Parasites" goes from a poor family that lives in a shady basement in the suburbs of the city and a rich family that lives in a casoplon with an infinite garden and views everywhere. "Parasites" also goes from the impossible to close relationship of these two families. It's comedy, it's drama, it's intrigue, it's suspense. It is two hours and peak of projection that you are short. It is, in short, and without a doubt, a masterpiece.

And "Parasites" is the movie that I recommended that he go to see Sebastian on Sunday night. Because Sebastian has taken almost his entire life going to Sanchez-Pizjuan with his brother and watching the games that Sevilla played outside at home or at the nearest rock, as God commands. All except the derby. It will be played in Nervion or far away, where you leave for Cadiz along the road of a lifetime, Sebastian went to the movies with his wife and with his cell phone disconnected. I didn't want to know anything about the game. But nothing, nothing. He always said that his heart would be unable to endure those endless ninety minutes. Only when he left the cinema and knew that the game was over, he called his daughter and asked him about the result.

Sebastian's brother died years ago. And his wife, last spring. Now he lives in a residence where, at the moment the nurses say goodbye, he is able to found the Red and White Pills Sevillista Pena Las Verdes Placebo. He no longer goes to the stadium. Watch all the games on TV. It has changed its location in the bottom tier for a wheelchair but the scarf is still wearing the same liturgy of the great occasions, which are all. Before, I was able to extend the entire lineup of the team of any year after the Civil War. Today he barely recognizes Navas, points him with his trembling finger directed to the screen and calls him El Nino. Sometimes he asks surprised by the absence in the initial eleven of Kanoute, for whom he felt authentic devotion, and it must be said that rest, rotations and such.

On Sunday night, his daughter took him to the movies. Let's see "Parasites." On Monday morning I went to visit him at the residence and asked him about the movie. His answer was: 1-2. Don't see how his eyes shone. A masterpiece, I already told you at the beginning.

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