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In the stories, users can try out even more creative in the future. (Photo: Shutterstock / ALEX_UGALEK)

With Reels stories can be inferior to music from other videos. Instagram is now testing the tool in Brazil.

In Brazil, Instagram is testing new video editing tools. Instagram Reels started in Brazil under the name Cenas – the functions are similar to those of Tiktok. Reels records 15 seconds of video and music, Techcrunch reports.

Pure Tiktok clone?

In addition to music from the library, the sound of other videos can also be used to create a remix. The videos created in this way can be incorporated into stories. In addition, the so-called reels appear in the "Explore" area under "Top Reels".

Despite the obvious similarities to Tiktok, Instagram denies copying the features. "No two products are exactly alike and in the end video sharing with music is a universal idea," said Robby Stein, Instagram product manager to Techcrunch.

Instagram consciously tests Reels in Brazil, not only because of the big Instagram community, but also because of the musical culture, Stein continues. Another aspect that should not be ignored is that Tiktok is not as big there as in other countries. If Reels can prevail there, Instragram wants to try it in other countries.

Tiktok has grown faster than any other social network in the past three years and now has over a billion monthly users.

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