"No material element" found by the Court of Auditors


At the beginning of the year, after being alerted by the magistrates of the court during their investigation, the National Public Prosecutor's Office opened an investigation into "possible misappropriation of public funds".

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Gerard Collomb, on the benches of the National Assembly in February 2018.
Gerard Collomb, on the benches of the National Assembly in February 2018. GONZALO FUENTES / REUTERS

The Regional Chamber of Accounts (CRC) Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, branch of the Court of Auditors, says "Not have material elements" justifying the employment for nearly ten years of the former companion of Gerard Collomb as a municipal agent, in his report on the finances of the city of Lyon. These conclusions were released Wednesday, November 13 in a sensitive electoral context. Gerard Collomb, invested mid-October by the Republic on the march, is indeed contending the presidency of the Lyon metropolis in 2020.

During their investigation, the magistrates of the CRC had indeed alerted in February the floor of Lyon and Gerard Collomb on the situation of this agent, then identified as his ex-companion, Meriem Nouri. The National Financial Office then opened an investigation into "Possible embezzlement of public funds" for the benefit of the former companion of the Mayor of Lyon. Searches had been conducted in June at the home of Gerard Collomb and at the town hall. Mr. Collomb, who had launched an administrative inquiry, reaffirmed on Wednesday that he had not "Knowledge of facts in February" 2019.

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From 2010 to 2018

According to CRC's final report, which devotes three pages to this case on a report of more than 300 pages, "The activity alleged by the city of this agent (…) during the period 2010-2015 on functions of reception and information of the public has not been the object of any administrative translation ".

Over the period "From July 2015 to April 2018, the officer was not assigned to any job in the city corresponding to his grade and his actual duties"the report goes on, the highlights of which were presented at a press conference in the city, before being presented to the city council on 18 November. "In these circumstances, the Chamber has no material evidence of the service performed by this agent during the period from 2010 to April 2018"concludes the CRC.

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