Patrick Balkany set on his second application for release


Incarcerated for two months exactly, the mayor LR Levallois-Perret Patrick Balkany will know Wednesday morning if his second application for release is accepted after his conviction in the whitening of his trial.

If the Paris Court of Appeal granted his request, it does not mean that Baron des Hauts-de-Seine can immediately leave the prison of Paris Health.

He himself anticipated the difficulty, saying at the hearing on November 5 that he feared to be "forced to stay in the hole" until his trial on appeal, failing to meet the bail of 500,000 euros required as a prerequisite for his release under judicial supervision as part of his first application, in the tax evasion component of his file.

Asked about the chances of her husband coming out of prison quickly, Isabelle Balkany told AFP: "It seems difficult, it is a colossal sum and all the more they have six times more under escrow (the accounts of the city officials have been seized, ed.) ". A call for donations from residents of Levallois to help pay the deposit of the mayor would have collected about 10% of the deposit but no bank would accept to host the account of the support association, according to Franceinfo.

"I stopped speculating on what judges can and can not do because we are in exceptional justiceAdded the first deputy mayor of Levallois, herself sentenced to long prison terms and ineligibility in these cases.

At the hearing, Patrick Balkany, 71, appeared emaciated, looking tired, to assert from the box of defendants that he was "of course at the disposal of justice for the trial on appeal", did not have "plus a round»And«no intention to flee".

"Exceptional" treatment

He was sentenced twice: to four years in prison for tax evasion with immediate imprisonment on 13 September, then to five years in prison for aggravated money laundering with a new arrest warrant on 18 October.

For each of his convictions, Patrick Balkany has applied for release. At the end of October, the Paris Court of Appeal granted the first of the two applications, while imposing heavy conditions.

In addition to the payment of a heavy bond, the court ordered his placement under judicial supervision, with several obligations: not to leave the territory, not to go to Paris and several surrounding departments – including his department of Hauts-de-Seine – , but also to fix his residence in Giverny (Eure), to point once a week to the gendarmerie, to hand over his passport – passport since found out of date in the file.

At the hearing in early November, the prosecution again opposed the release of the elected, arguing a "risk of leakage possible, probable, foreseeableAnd judgingimportant to guarantee his representation at the appeal", Whose date is not yet known for the money laundering component – the appeal of the tax fraud component is set for December 11th.

Patrick Balkany's lawyer has again won against the treatment "absolutely exceptional»Reserved for his client. "He has no reason to flee. What will he do ? Going on the run alone at age 71, while Ms. Balkany stays quietly at home?"Scolded Eric Dupond-Moretti, arguing for a"justice appeasedOn appeal, with "normal sentences".

On the merits, Patrick Balkany has recognized errors while minimizing them – evoking an undeclared family legacy in Switzerland in the tax evasion component of his lawsuit – but strongly opposed the accusations of money laundering – denying having a luxury riad in Marrakech and assuring foreign to the daring offshore rigging that enabled its acquisition. He also challenged all passive bribery, a crime for which he was released.

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