PSG – PSG: Neymar absolutely wants to give this gift to Barca


Three days off, and PSG striker Neymar was already in Barcelona last weekend.

The Brazilian striker was celebrating in the Catalan city while his teammates went to Brest for a match of Ligue 1. Currently injured, the number 10 PSG is perfectly entitled to move wherever he wants, including in a city ​​where he kept good contacts, since he followed with the birthday of a friend from Barcelona, ​​then that of the wife of Luis Suarez. A busy program so almost as much as the one that awaits him in the coming days, where he wants to do everything possible to return 100% to recovery.

This obviously means the match against Lille after the international break, but also the one after, on the lawn of Real Madrid. And El Mundo Deportivo does not lack imagination around this meeting. According to the Barcelona sports newspaper, if Neymar wants to break everything against Real, it is not to help PSG to gain confidence and ensure its first place in the group. It would be rather to show the Spanish public, and in particular the Barcelona fans who do not watch the Ligue 1, that he still has the level to hurt the biggest rival of Barca, and will therefore be useful to the Catalan club in the years to come. And even if Barcelona have learned in recent years to hate PSG almost as much as Real Madrid …

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