Real Madrid-Carjaval: "I prefer that Barca lose" – Football


Real Madrid-Carjaval: "I prefer that Barca lose"

Daniel Carvajal

Currently with the Spanish selection Dani Carvajal has been questioned extensively on the news of Real Madrid. In addition to the state of form Karim Benzema sparkling in recent weeks or the return of Gareth Bale with his selection, he was questioned on the course of Barca in the Champions League.

"I will not lie, in the end I prefer that Barcelona does not pass. He is a candidate for victory in the Champions League and our biggest rival. We are not going to be hypocritical. In the league, I prefer that Barca lose because it's our rival and in the Champions League it's more or less the same thing. They have a spectacular team. All strong teams who lose, it's better for us", he replied for Marca.

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