Salvini has also opened an official profile on TikTok, with two videos


matteo salvini tiktok

Matteo Salvini has opened an official channel on TikTok, the Chinese social network owned by ByteDance. The leader of the League has chosen as name on the social @matteosalviniufficiale and in the description in addition to "Leader of the League" has inserted the hashtag #Primagliitaliani. Two videos are uploaded in the first 4 hours on the channel: the first is dedicated to the police and you see Salvini shaking hands with the police; the second is on the subject of immigration and the Northern League leader points out that "in Italy we only arrive if we are entitled, otherwise we go back to where we came from". According to what is seen on the social network, Salvini is the first national politician to have decided to land on the TikTok.

TikTok in recent months has become very popular among teenagers in Europe, including Italy. Today it has about a billion users, a number reached at a speed never reached before by other social networks. On TikTok you share mainly short and funny videos, challenges with friends, viral video content gathered around popular hashtags. Along with the popularity, TikTok has also collected many doubts and criticisms in the institutions. On the front line is the American Congress that for months has been trying to investigate whether the app is a threat to US national security.

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