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The Positions table of the Clausura is burning after the dispute of date 15. It has a new leader and is Lima Alliance who drew goalless against Binational in Juliaca and is number one. The intimate share the first place with Sports University but they occupy the first square by goal difference. The creams won in the Monumental against Melgar. Sporting Cristal He also added a victory this day 15 and hopes to remain among the first in the tournament.

Sporting Cristal He recovered from the defeat against Carlos A. Mannucci, after beating 3-2 against Melgar in Arequipa. Manuel Barreto He knew how to present a scheme that assured them the result, from the first minutes of the match. Despite the goals of Bernardo Cuesta, the celestial cast took possession of the three points of the day.

Sports University He returned to the path of triumph, after winning 3-2 against Melgar in the Monumental stadium. Angel Comizzo He highlighted the performance of Anthony Osorio in this match, not only because he was the author of the second goal, but also because he was also an important piece in each play in favor of creams.

Lima Alliance got a valuable point in Juliaca before Binational Sports. The Blue and Whites failed two penalties but the draw led them to first place in the standings of the Clausura Tournament.

On the other hand, Union Comercio was affected with the subtraction of four points. The Moyobambino cast was sanctioned by the Justice Commission of the Peruvian Football Federation and committed to the issue of descent.

Leaderboard – Clausura Tournament (Date 15)

oneLima Alliancefifteen85226twenty629
3Sporting Cristalfifteen84328fifteen1328
4Sport Huancayofifteen7532. 317626
6C. Mannuccififteen6631717024
7Trade Unionfifteen645twenty-one18322
8Sport boysfifteen564twentytwenty0twenty-one
9San Martinfifteen4741716one19
10University Alliancefifteen546162. 3-719
12Real Garcilasofifteen537fifteenfifteen018
13Ayacucho FCfifteen537fifteentwenty-518
fifteenCesar Vallejofifteen3661416-2fifteen
17Municipal Sports (*)fifteen339172. 3-610
18Pirate FC (*)fifteen249827-198

(*) Resolution No. 0017 and Resolution No. 0019: Subtract a point from Deportivo Municipal and Pirata FC.

Cumulative table – Clausura Tournament (Date 15)

2Sporting Cristal32179656282860
3Lima Alliance32fifteen10756441255
5Sport Huancayo3213eleven8Four. Five405fifty
6Real Garcilaso32128123. 430444
7Cesar Vallejo32128123937244
8Ayacucho FC32127134143-243
9Melgar32eleven81348Four. Five341
elevenUniversity Alliance3210eleveneleven3. 441-741
12Carlos A. Mannucci321010123944-540
14Municipal Sports (*) (**)321010124443one37
fifteenSan Martin32713123048-183. 4
16Trade Union (***)32910133639-333
17Sport boys32710fifteen2948-1931
18Pirate FC (*)3259182556-31twenty-one

(*) Resolution No. 0017 and Resolution No. 0019: Subtract a point from Deportivo Municipal and Pirata FC.

(**) Resolution No. 0045: Subtract two points from Deportivo Municipal.

(***) Resolution No. 0083: Subtract four points from Union Comercio

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