Teenage girl dead head stuck in garbage collection container


Monday, November 11, a drama occurred in Montgaillard in the Landes. A 15-year-old girl was found inanimate, her head stuck in the metal hatch of a textile container.

A terrible accident: a 15 year old girl was found stuck in a container to collect clothing for associations.

It is a passerby who discovered it around 16 h 30, Monday, November 11 in Montgaillard in the Landes. Upon arrival, the teenager was on cardio-respiratory arrest. They tried to revive her in vain. She died around 5 pm

Pressure of the metal hatch on his head

This is the pressure of the metal hatch on his neck which caused the death of the young victim, according to SudOuest. This type of container is to deposit clothes to give them for redistribution to charities. For this, it is necessary to activate a hatch, to place the clothes in and to close it so that the clothes fall inside the collector and that one can not recover them.

An investigation is underway

Did the girl stuck her head by giving clothes? Wanting to recover something fallen in the container? The track of the accident is privileged. But an investigation is underway to determine the exact circumstances of this tragedy.

It is the gendarmerie Aire-sur-l'Adour who is in charge of the file. A medical examiner should examine the body of the girl.

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