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The Government of Netherlands wants according to consistent media reports the
Lower maximum speed on the freeways during the day to 100 km / h. The
have the Cabinet as part of a climate change plan
agreed, the Dutch news agency ANP reported
Appealing to government circles. Prime Minister Mark Rutte spoke of one
"significant step" and announced the climate package at this
Wednesday to present to the public, but without details already

Tempo 100 is reportedly at all highways be valid. Where so far
Tempo 130 was valid, this maximum speed in the future only between 19
Be allowed to clock and 6 clock. On many sections of the highway one may
Do not drive faster than 100 km / h already now. With the package of measures
wants the coalition government of Liberals and Christian Democrats as well as the
left-liberal D66 and the religious-conservative Christian Union the output of
Reduce nitrogen and nitrogen oxides.

The court had stopped building projects due to the nitrogen crisis

Previously, the governing parties had discussed for months how the
so-called nitrogen crisis in the Netherlands. They were
under pressure, as the highest court, the Raad van State in The Hague,
in May approval process for large construction projects stopped on the grounds
had the country's nitrogen emissions in the interests of air purity
do not continue to increase. Even more apartments are likely to be built
if emissions were reduced elsewhere.

The Association of Dutch Car Dealers (Bovag) criticized the
Speed ​​limit. The share of traffic on the highways in pollutant emissions
was actually low, explained a spokesman. Better would be scrapping premiums for
especially polluting old cars. The environmental organization Milieudefensie
spoke of good news for nature and health. "These
Measures ensure that less nitric oxide is inhaled ",
said a spokesman.

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