The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 4: Maeva and Greg in dispute, a candidate leaves the adventure, Milla in tears … Replay episode 53


A few hours before the ceremony, Julien Tanti confesses to Maeva Ghennam that Greg wants him to play his vote card to eliminate it. A shock for the pretty brunette who gets carried away against his ex. The latter is then convinced that Greg wants to eliminate it, because she does not want to get back into a relationship with him. And for once, Maeva Ghennam (who posted in thong on Instagram) admits that she does not want to give another chance to his story with Greg. At least, it's clear ! On the side of the rest of the world, Anthony Alcaraz is in danger because of his injury. Hilona, ​​she still intends to vote against Melanie.

Maeva Ghennam
Maeva Ghennam

At the time of the ceremony, Catalia announces to the Marseillais that they have won this week of competition. Candidates from the rest of the world must therefore move to elimination. But Anthony Alcaraz messes up everything and he decides to leave the adventure, because he knows that his injury is a handicap. A blow to Milla Jasmine who burst into tears. After the departure of Anthony Alcaraz, Maeva Ghennam and Greg isolate themselves to speak. The young woman can not forgive him for wanting to eliminate him. A fight breaks out then and that's when Julien Guirado arrives. What annoy Greg who prefers to leave …

Anthony Alcaraz
Anthony Alcaraz

Later, Paga titillates Melanie by telling him that she is always in touch with Julien Guirado … And she admits that she has a crush on him, but when Greg arrived everything changed. The fact that Melanie says she still loves Julien annoys inevitably Greg. A new dispute breaks out between them and Milla Jasmine intervenes. She tells Greg that Melanie has a lot of feelings for him and he has to open his eyes … Between him and Maeva, it's over! Greg then decides to apologize to Melanie and they reconcile. Tomorrow, Julien Tanti will launch the game of problems. But before, find out if you know Jonathan Matijas well.

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