This is how the 2019-20 season of the Professional Baseball League will be played


The novelty of the 15th edition of the Nicaragua Professional Baseball League (LBPN) is in the playoff round.

Even in the previous season, the regular stage leader qualified directly to the final and left the second and third place teams fighting for the second ticket.

Now, the three classifieds go to a series of eight games of all against all and the two most winners will be the finalists.

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The regular season starts on Friday, November 15 and ends on December 20, with a calendar of 30 matches with a team. Round Robin will be from December 22 to January 6 and on Friday, January 9 will take off the grand finale to the best of seven games.

Of course, December 19 will be the deadline to hire new players in the league, whether national or foreign.

The active roster of the teams is 25 players, with an expanded roster of six players, of which two must be rookies. The sets can make daily movements to raise and lower between the active and the expanded roster.

Each team has the right to hire a minimum of four foreigners and a maximum of five, but in the Round Robin and the Final Series there will be two reinforcements per set and these can be imported, so a finalist could reach up to nine imported.

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In case of a tie in a qualifying place, an extra game will be held. If there is triple tie, it will be decided by the series among those involved and if it persists it will go to the difference of races in the games between them.

The play review will be in effect for the playoffs and no player can wear the number 21 in his uniform in honor of the Puerto Rican star Roberto Clemente, who gave his life for Nicaragua.

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