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very important post

that previous offers of agreements

with the democrats has not

worked so far on the

congress, from the court

supreme in washington fernando

blackboard, univison.

reporter: inside the capitol

of party leaders

Democrat including the

president of the nancys chamber

they gave a press conference in

support for dreamers and al

bill acquires six

that if approved in the

Senate gave the dreamers

on the way to the citizenship, in

the event were present

several dreamers of georgia and

after finishing the wheel of

press Rafael would praise the

he exclusively interviewed ia sky

To know your reactions.

How did it feel to be

there near the president of

the house of representatives?

It's a good feeling

I mean three of each

four voters around

pis support the primers, more

80% of the population in the

American people support us

our dreams, support us

we are fighting here

for doing the right thing is

that fighting for the

Congress do the right thing, that

is to pass a reform

immigration, a bill

as acquired six that we

He took a step to the citizenship.

however something that also

is happening and what is the

hearing before the supreme court

as far as we could see

certain division between

judges do you feel

optimistic that there will be a

positive result for you

by the court?

we have had faith,

we are here by faith and the

will of god we don't know

what happens in court,

we know that there is a cover for

what the beneficiaries of

daca can renew your daca, is

very important that all

beneficiaries renew their daca

is what we can do

In a bit. there is a law, the

congress has to act

Right now and not enough.

What is it that blocks the

step of this because we see

that have the backs of

main leaders of democrats,

he thinks he has become

something partisan, have you felt

that the republicans also

they have sympathy towards their cause

and they were willing


personally I am from

high georgia, the population of

Danon is half Hispanic,

1000 representatives

Republicans in the Senate

Republicans Older Please Me

, published articles in the

periodic in favor not anything else

of i but of the deas

senators also, over 85%

of the country supports the dreamers

and we will continue fighting.

Tell us your message for him

rest of the dreamers that

they make life in the state of


I ask that question


yaneli: let's keep fighting,

let's move on, no

we are going to give up,

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