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Ukraine affair – leading officials say public for the first time
In Washington, hearings have begun for the planned impeachment trial of Donald Trump. The Democrats accuse the US president of abuse of power.

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For the first time in the Ukraine affair witnesses testified publicly. The acting US ambassador in Kiev raised accusations against US President before the Intelligence Committee Donald Trump: His personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani has laid an "irregular" diplomatic channel to Kiev, which has undermined the official relations of the US government with Ukraine, said William Taylor. Thus, the stop of the already promised US military aid for Ukraine had been arranged.

At the hearings, it should be clarified whether Trump is planning a planned military aid for the Ukraine held back and used as a means of pressure to force investigations against the democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. Trump had his Ukrainian counterpart in a phone call on July 25
Volodymyr Selenksyj encouraged to investigate. The Democrats see in Trump's actions a serious abuse of office with the aim of procuring discrediting material against his potential challenger in the presidential election of 2020.

The incident showed, according to Taylor, that US official foreign policy was undermined by Giu- lilian's "irregular efforts". Taylor said he had the U.S. government At the time, he was informed of his view "that it would be crazy to withhold security assistance in exchange for help with a domestic campaign in the US".

Taylor confirms allegations against Trump

In addition, Taylor reported on a conversation that had led the US ambassador in Brussels, Gordon Sondland, on 26 July with Trump. Taylor's coworkers had heard how Sondland telephoned Trump. "My staff could hear President Trump on the phone, like him
Ambassador Sondland asked for 'the investigation', "Taylor said, adding that Sondland had said that Ukraine was ready to pursue it and that one of his colleagues had questioned the ambassador after talking about the US president's stance on Ukraine, Taylor said Sondland said Trump is more interested in Ukraine's possible investigations Biden as for Ukraine itself.

Taylor is considered the most important witness of the Democrats. In October, he stated in his unofficial statement that Trump had deliberately restrained military aid already agreed by Congress to harm Biden. So far, nothing was known about the alleged telephone conversation between Trump and Sondland.

George Kent, a senior US State Department official who also testified, did not answer the call. However, he said the US government should not push other countries into politically motivated investigations against opponents. Like Taylor, Kent pointed to the need for military aid to Ukraine.

Democrats promise investigation without "hate" and "delay"

The Republicans tried to use the hearing to discredit the investigations of the Democrats. These are "absurd allegations" and a "carefully orchestrated" smear campaign by Democrats and the "corrupt media" to reverse the 2016 election results, said Congressman Devin Nunes. Addressing Taylor and Kent, he said they had been asked to "participate in a drama."

At the beginning of the hearing, the Democrats promised a factual and speedy procedure. The investigations would run without "hatred" and "delay," said Democratic Chairman of the Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff. The investigation of Ukraine affair will decide not only about the future of Trump, but about the future of the US Presidency itself. "On what behavior or misconduct the American people can expect from its supreme commander," added Schiff in his opening speech.

Trump condemned the investigations against him again. On the sidelines of a meeting with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
in the White House he says he is "too busy" to watch the hearing.
 "It's a witch hunt," he repeated. The White House called on Twitter: "Do not rely on descriptions
second, third and fourth hand. "

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