250 tractors have to cross the Weser


/ Golzwarden

Around 250 tractors are expected by Peter Schultze on Thursday morning at the ferry dock in Golzwarden. 210 alone from Ostfriesland, as he emphasizes. "It starts at 2 o'clock, then we commute between Golzwarden and Sandstedt," he said on Wednesday evening.

Only a few weeks ago, farmers paralyzed the city of Oldenburg, and now several thousand farmers will be demonstrating their tractors against environmental, agricultural and trade policy on Thursday at the Environment Ministers Conference in Hamburg.

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For Peter Schultze and his staff, the translation of the 250 tractor is a mammoth task. At 5.30 clock begins for the crew of the fast ferry Brake Sandstedt GmbH & Co. KG then the "normal" rush hour. Peter Schultze hopes to have previously brought the tractor-Corso across the Weser and there will be no impairment of commuter traffic and its regular customers.

The team of the fast ferry "Kleinensiel" remains after the translation of the tractor and vehicles but then little time to breathe. "The tractor will also come back," notes Peter Schultze. Also, this translation will probably be a night shift again. The demonstration in Hamburg should end on Thursday at 15 clock. By the time the pack arrives in Sandstedt, it will probably be midnight again.

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The Weser connection for captain Peter Schultze has been the workplace for 25 years. It is thanks to him that the ferry connection Brake-Sandstedt still exists. Because with release of the Weser tunnel for traffic in 2004, the line should be pulped. Together with two colleagues, he had taken the step into self-employment in 2005 and founded the fast ferry Brake-Sandstedt GmbH & Co. KG. He manages the ferry connection on his own.In total, around 4,000 tractor units are expected in Hamburg's city area. The farmers want to protest against the federal government's agricultural package, which among other things provides for a tightening of the fertilizer regulations.

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