26 Palestinians killed in Israeli strikes in two days


To try to curb this spiral of violence, the United Nations envoy for the Middle East arrived in Cairo on Wednesday night.

Twenty-six Palestinians died in two days in Israeli strikes on the Gaza Strip, sixteen of them on the only day on Wednesday, November 13, the Palestinian enclave's health ministry said in a new report.

For the second day in a row, the sirens of alert sounded Wednesday in several Israeli cities around Gaza, including Ashkelon, after new rocket fire that precipitated in the wake of Israeli bombing of the Palestinian enclave, controlled by the Islamist group Hamas.

The Israeli army said it was targeting Islamic Jihad positions, including a site where fighters of the Islamist group were preparing, it said, to fire an anti-tank missile on Israel. Since Tuesday, at least 360 rockets have been fired from Gaza to Israel, according to the latest assessment of the Israeli army, which said it intercepted about 90% of these projectiles through its missile system "Iron Dome". One rocket damaged one house, another a factory, and another fell on a highway, passing a few yards away from striking cars.

"Stop your attacks, or you will take even more blows, warned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday. We are determined to fight and defend our country, and if they think that these salvos of rockets will weaken us or make us lose our determination, they are wrong. "

"We will give the enemies a lesson they will remember", retorted the rally of "resistance" units in Gaza, of which Islamic Jihad is a stakeholder.

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