A player beaten during a match claims $ 250,000


A young hockey player victim three years ago of a brutal attack during a junior hockey game has permanent effects of aggression. Alexandre Marcoux claims about $ 250,000 to his attacker, line judges and Hockey Quebec for their negligence.

Louis-Samuel Perron
Louis-Samuel Perron
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"To be banged on the ice, once your helmet is torn off, is not part of the risks inherent in the practice of hockey and which players agree to expose themselves by practicing this sport", argues Alexandre Marcoux in a civil suit recently filed in the Superior Court of Quebec.

It was the first duel of the 2016-2017 season between the Farnham Braves and the Lachute Deux-Montagnes Knights of the defunct AA Laurentians-Lanaudiere Junior Hockey League. But from the first period, the game degenerates. Alexandre Marcoux, 20, returns to the bench of Braves during a stoppage of play. For no apparent reason, Felix Lauzon, Knights, hit him full force.

The attacker stands up and strikes Alexandre Marcoux in the face with his fists, even if he does not want to fight, according to the story of the events described in the lawsuit. Nevertheless, Felix Lauzon continues to hit his opponent in the lead, without the two line judges intervene.

The attacker grabs the grille of the helmet Alexandre Marcoux and tries to tear him off. Stretched on the ice, he struggles to breathe, strangled by the strap of his helmet that ends up being torn off. "(Felix Lauzon) then grabbed Marcoux's head and hit her on the ice more than once. (Marcoux) lost consciousness under the force of the impact, "it says in the request.

"Unbearable" headaches

Brought to the locker room by his teammates, the young man burst into tears. Then start weeks of nightmares. Extremely sensitive to light, he suffers from "unbearable" headaches and must remain 20 hours a day in the dark because of his concussion, he alleges in the pursuit.

"During these two weeks, the applicant was barely able to feed himself and go to the bathroom. The plaintiff submits that he was isolated, that he could not endure a sound, or even read or look at a cell phone, "it adds.

Three years later, her permanent partial disability related to cognitive deficits is estimated at 20%, according to a neuropsychologist. He suffers, among other things, from anxiety, fatigue, dizziness and loss of memory. He also had "serious black thoughts" as a result of the aggression.

In addition, the 23-year-old man had to cross not only on his university studies "in the field that fascinated him", but also on his career as a hockey player, since he can no longer participate in contact sports.

He accuses Felix Lauzon of not having acted as a "prudent and diligent player" and of having contravened the rules of hockey. The linesmen should have "intervened much more quickly," he says. As for Hockey Quebec, the organization is responsible for damages by "(its) inaction to sanction wrongdoing to prevent such actions from occurring".

Hockey Quebec refused to comment out of respect for the judicial process.

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