A shooting in a high school in Santa Clarita, near Los Angeles, kills several people


UNITED STATES – Two people died and several others were wounded on the morning of Thursday, November 14, when a teenager shooter opened fire on a high school campus north of Los Angeles, before being apprehended by police .

Three victims were hospitalized in a "critical state" after the attack at Saugus High School in the city of Santa Clarita. Two of them, a 16-year-old high school girl and a 14-year-old boy, succumbed to injuries sustained when a teenager opened fire in his high school playground north of Los Angeles, police said. The third is in a "satisfactory state," said Henry Mayo Hospital in Valencia on Twitter.

In total, at least six people were taken to hospital, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who did not give a detailed report.

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The suspect, a 15-year-old high school student, had fled after the shootings at Saugus High School, where some 2,400 students are attending school. He was found by the police about an hour later, among the wounded who had been evacuated. "We placed the suspect under arrest. He is currently being treated in a local hospital. This is a student, a boy of sixteen "and Asian, said Alex Villanueva on CBS television.

It was witnesses and CCTV footage that identified the suspect, who was in fact "among the first people who had been evacuated to local hospitals," he said.

He did not say anything about his condition or the nature of his injuries, but said that the teenager might have tried to kill himself after his act. "No agent (sheriff) is responsible (…) It seems to be the student himself," Villanueva said.

Prior to the announcement of the arrest, local media reported that the suspect had committed suicide, citing sources in the police. The shooter had previously been actively sought after by many police officers deployed in the surrounding residential area and the nearby hills of Saugus High School.

Cloistered students

The sheriff's services had called on the residents of the area to stay at home and lock their doors until further notice.

The high school campus, where hundreds of students had remained cloistered while waiting for the go-ahead from the authorities, was thoroughly searched by law enforcement officials for nearly an hour to rule out danger.

The tragedy occurred around 7:40 am when many students were already underway and others were continuing to arrive.

This was the case of Denzel Abesamis, in his senior year at Saugus, who saw classmates running away as he was about to park. He then turned around and called a friend who was already on campus. According to the Los Angeles Times, the latter told her that there was a gunman and that she was hiding in a classroom with five other students. "I have always been afraid that something like that will happen," he said.

"I did not see my son but I talked to him. He's fine (…) He just looked, "said the mother of a third grade student who was waiting with many other relatives near a nearby church in tears. "All he said was that he was going through class when someone started shooting (…) and he ran into his classroom," she explained on a channel. local.

The school was the scene of a major police deployment, according to images broadcast by television that you can find in the video at the head of the article, who showed students from Saugus High School being evacuated in single file, sometimes with their hands up.

On others, help could be seen trying to revive a seemingly unconscious person and others being treated on the lawn.

All the other schools nearby had been placed as a security measure in a state of confinement, as is the custom in the United States, where such tragedies are frequent.

The country has experienced in recent years several school killings that have shocked public opinion without really calling into question the free proliferation of firearms in the country.

Ironically, the tragedy occurred just as the Senate was debating in Washington a possible tightening of weapons legislation. "How can we look elsewhere? How can we refuse to see that this shooting, which is taking place right now, requires us to act? ", Said Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal.

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