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14.11.2019 – 00:00

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David Abraham, captain of Eintracht Frankfurt, has seen in Freiburg after a Ausraster red. This must not happen to a Bundesliga footballer, says our columnist Marc Behrenbeck.

Frankfurt's David Abraham (on the right) moves Freiburg coach Christian Streich to the ground. Archive photo: Hubner

Frankfurt's David Abraham (on the right) moves Freiburg coach Christian Streich to the ground.
(Photo: Hubner)

FRANKFURT – There are only losers in the Freiburg incident. If you look at the overall situation, not only is David Abraham a big loser, but also Christian Streich. The Freiburg coach is incredibly appreciated by me. A great guy with an enviable value compass and a wide horizon – politically and socially. But on the sidelines he sometimes mutates from Dr. Jekyll to Hyde.

More than likely, he said something nasty toward Abraham. In any case, several people who were standing there directly told me that. And not just Eintracht officials. Also, that's why the Freiburg coach wants the case in my opinion quickly off hook. In addition, he is anything but vindictive as a type. But it is also an unwritten law that you protect each other in the football circus. Of course, Abraham would not testify against prank at the sports court. Nevertheless, despite all the discussion, which complicity Streich carries: That's nonsense. The culprit is David Abraham. And what he did, must not happen to a Bundesliga footballer. Especially not with the experience, certainly not as a leader.

Abraham has abandoned his team, which would be forgivable if it had been a big exception. However, he has repeatedly disqualified himself for the office. The fact that football sometimes becomes emotional and you also give out one of them is part of it. The smart and those who think of the team, but can not get caught – and use the "Trash Talk" to the advantage of their own team. David Abraham will probably not learn this detail of successful football anymore.

Author Marc Behrenbeck (37) is a reporter for TV channel Sky Sport News. The Frankfurt reports close up of the Bundesliga footballers Eintracht.


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