AMD Radeon RX 5300M: A RX 5500M with less clock and memory


AMD Radeon RX 5300M: A RX 5500M with less clock and memory

In addition to the Radeon Pro 5500M and 5300M celebrating their debut in the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, AMD has quietly released the specifications of the RX 5300M. The nomenclature currently smallest RDNA solution also relies on Navi 14, equivalent to a RX 5500M with less clock and RAM.

A Radeon RX 5500M with throttled clock

In addition to the 22 CU mentioned above, 32 ROPs and a total of 1,408 ALUs ensure that the Radeon RX 5300M, the smallest offshoot of the Radeon RX 5000 series, has exactly the same basic data as the Radeon RX 5500M and is unique to the Radeon RX severely reduced tact in the portfolio below the big sister.

While the RX 5500M can boast up to 1,645 MHz at AMD's maximum boost rate, the RX 5300M has to settle for 1,445 MHz in this regard, clocking 200 MHz lower in boost scenarios. Even clearer is the difference in the average game clock, in which the RX 5300M with 1.181 MHz exactly 267 MHz loses to the RX 5500M, which works in games with an average of 1448 MHz. The smallest of the mobile navigation cards thus clocks around 18 percent lower in games.

Only 3 GB of video memory

AMD further differentiates the video memory. While the Radeon RX 5500M can access a VRAM of 4 GB of GDDR6 at a speed of 7,000 MHz, there are only 3 GB of GDDR6 with the same clock on the RX 5300M. While the manufacturer officially specifies the memory interface of the larger model as 128-bit, it does not give any indication of the width of the memory interface of the smaller model. But this can be calculated based on the memory clock (14 Gbps) and the memory bandwidth (168 GB / s): The memory is connected via a 96-bit bus.

The RX 5500M is also powered by an 8-pin PCIe plug, which is not required for the RX 5300M. AMD also lists the two mobile Radeon RX offshoots again in a direct comparison on its website.

When the Radeon RX 5300M should come in appropriate notebooks on the mark, to this AMD has not yet expressed. The availability of the RX 5500 and RX 5500M is also less well defined at the moment. With the MSI Alpha 15 is currently only a notebook with the appropriate graphics card listed and scheduled by several dealers for mid to late November.

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