An auction of Nazi insignia creates controversy


The swastika on the badges was blurred on the site of sales in accordance with the law. – Intercoms Screenshot

The auction house in Saint-Brieuc will host an auction of military objects and hunting weapons on Saturday morning. Among the 277 lots offered for sale, six question the Côtes-d'Armor anti-fascist vigilance collective. These are insignia of the Kriegsmarine, the German navy under the Third Reich. These patents, badges and marine eagles issued
under the Nazi regime all sport a swastika, which was blurred on the sales site according to the law.

But for the collective, the sale of these objects is shocking. "In addition to the reification of these dark hours of history, it participates in the banalisation of far-right ideas," denounces the group, which sees in this sale "a good opportunity to meet the desires of nostalgic fetishist Nazi regime" .

"We are smugglers of objects, not of ideology"

Contacted by 20 minutesMaster Tugdual Borel, one of the auctioneers of the sale, does not understand this controversy. "We are smugglers of objects and not ideologies," he says. According to him, the auction of Nazi military objects is also quite common and is not shocking. "Of course there were terrible things and bad ideas during this period, nobody can deny it, but these historical objects are also part of the duty to remember," he says.

In mid-September, the auction of Nazi objects in Vannes had already raised the indignation of the League of Human Rights. Despite the controversy, the sale
had taken place.

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