Apple Music Replay 2019: Your Personalized Review of the Year


With "Apple Music Replay 2019" Apple creates your personal annual review with some interesting information.

With "Apple Music Replay 2019," Apple now offers you a personalized year-round view of your most-loved artists and tracks through Apple's own streaming service, Apple Music. You can also save this as a playlist.

Apple bundles everything you've heard in 2019 and shows you what your favorite albums, artists and titles are. From the information you can see how many times you've reviewed your top songs, how many albums you've listened to – including the top 10 list, what your favorite artists were and how many hours you've listened to them altogether.

To use Apple Music Replay, go to the page:

                                             log in and click on "Listen to your replay mix". Your personal Apple Music Replay 2019 will be generated. You can then save the generated playlist. Furthermore, playlists of your top titles from the past years will be created. So you can rummage in your favorite songs of the past years and indulge in nostalgia.

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