Attempted scam in the transfer of Bryan Acosta to FC Dallas


Jaime Villegas He presented his resignation as President of Real Espana on Tuesday. At the press conference where he announced his departure from the professor, cHe confessed that in the transfer of Bryan Acosta he detected a possible scam for the Catracha squad, since they had to receive 10% of the sale to the Texan squad and the paper indicated less than what was established in the negotiation.

In the winter market, Bryan Acosta left Tenerife to enter the MLS, after this signing Real Spain claimed 10 percent of the sale for training and solidarity rights. When the document arrived in which he was informed as soon as the transfer had been and how much he would receive, Villegas rejected the amount, since he knew that the sum was greater.

"I wanted to inform you that I am investigating a possible scam that we were made with the transfer of Bryan Acosta to FC Dallas where we had 10% of the transaction" began with the Villegas issue, to later explain why the payment was waived. "That 10% was renounced because they were going to make a payment, I will not give the names of the people who were going to make them, based on 1.5 million that was supposed to be the value that Tenerife was selling it".

Later, the ex-president of Real Spain commented that he received a document from FIFA in which he presented a different amount (2.4 million) which was stipulated in the first document.

What is Jaime Villegas looking for?

Thanks to this, Villegas prevented them from cheating the Catracho team and awaits the approval of the highest governing body of football so that it can reveal the names of those involved in this act. In case of not receiving the support of FIFA, Villegas will resort to making a complaint with the highest world body.

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