Auto insurance: with the dashcam, this onboard camera, the price of contracts drops


After L'Olivier, A like, another online company, will offer a discount to motorists on their insurance policy in case of purchase of an onboard camera.

In the presence of a camera on board a vehicle, some insurance companies offer discounts to new policyholders on auto contracts.
In the presence of a camera on board a vehicle, some insurance companies offer discounts to new policyholders on auto contracts. (© Adobe Stock)

After a collision, confusion often reigns between the various protagonists. In shock, it is sometimes difficult to accurately remember the exact circumstances of an accident, even slight.

To counter this eventuality, More and more motorists are getting equipped with on-board cameras. Images that will prove irrefutably what really happened. "An objective witness to a situation", summarizes Pascal Chevalier, European sales manager for Nextbase, leader in dashcam market.

This tool is particularly acclaimed by insurance companies these last months. Some even offer rebates, up to 15%, on contracts. We explain everything in details.

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A dashcam, what's the point?

An on-board camera, usually placed under the rearview mirror of the vehicle, continuously films sequences of a duration that can be modified according to the models. In case of major event suffered by the vehicle, a video file is sent to the smartphone or computer of the user. "10 seconds before and up to 20 seconds after", states Pascal Chevalier.

In case of need, the driver can also manually save a video even if he has not been the victim of a particular event or if he has just witnessed an accident in which he is not personally involved. . "It's not a device that is used to spy on the road and other drivers," tempered the representative.

How much does it cost ?

The average price of an onboard camera is about 110 euros at Nextbase. The models with the most options (bluetooth, voice command, emergency calls …) are sold 229 euros.

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Why are insurers interested?

"It's purely a security goal," advances to Julien Gigoi, technical director at L'Olivier, an online car insurance company. Everyone wins, the insured and the insurer. The presence of a dashcam aboard a vehicle would avoid mishaps with hit-and-run and disagreements on amicable contracts, the spokesman said.

Since June 2019, the company has partnered with Nextbase and Norauto: the purchase of an on-board camera gives right to 10% discount on the insurance contract. An offer, valid until the end of the year, but which should be renewed in 2020 with even more attractive conditions.

Savings for drivers, yes. But also for insurance? "That's what we expect," confirms Julien Gigoi. It is thought that insureds behave more cautiously by having a camera on board. According to him, "the drop in the loss ratio would be 10 to 15%".

Another online broker, A like, has just established a similar partnership with Nextbase. The discount offered to new policyholders can be up to 15% of the auto contract. A discount far from anecdotal: on average, a French motorist pays between 500 and 700 euros per year to insure a vehicle. The increase in accidents and the price of repairs should even lead to an increase in premiums in 2020.

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A market of the future?

According to the latest figures, 30,000 embedded cameras are currently installed in the French car fleet, not counting the hybrid systems with GPS and radar warnings. Great Britain, forerunner in the field, has more than 1.2 million dashcam.

In the UK, Nextbase has agreements with some 40 insurance companies. "The French market also has potential, says Pascal Chevalier. In two to three years, it is estimated that 100,000 pieces will be sold each year. "

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