Boris Johnson cancels a reference to "onanism" in a campaign speech


By Le Figaro with AFP

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, accustomed to a flowery language, invoked Wednesday "a misplaced draftTo explain the disappearance, in a campaign speech, of a reference to a propensity toonanismAttributed to opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn who was scheduled to attend.

According to extracts previously released to the press by the conservative party, Boris Johnson was to declare "we can honor the wish of the people, or we can waste more time, for a billion pounds a month (1.17 billion euros), have two more referendums, one on Scotland and one on the EU – a shameless mind-mess, more political self-obsession and masturbation (masturbation)". But in the conservative leader's speech at the factory that makes the famous London taxis in Coventry, that phrase is gone. Asked by a journalist about this absence, Boris Johnson replied that it was a "misplaced draftAdding that he would learn about the subject.

Questioned after the release of excerpts by the Conservative Party, Jeremy Corbyn found the remark "ridiculous and rude to people". "If you want to say something, say it in a language that everyone can understand", did he declare. The early general elections, called to break the Brexit impasse, are being held on 12 December.

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