"Bravo" magazine only appears every four weeks


The teen magazine "Bravo" will only be released every four weeks. So far, the new copies came out every two weeks. However, the thirteen issues a year make the print magazine an important part of the Bravo brand universe, the Bauer Media Group announced on Wednesday in Hamburg.

Parallel to the changeover, the "multi-platform brand" from Munich will focus even more on its digital formats and on moving images. Bravo is already present on Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, WhatsApp, TikTok and on their own homepage Bravo.de, it said.

Bravo had "understood how young people tick and how to reach them through their relevant channels." Above all, it is important for young people to be close and live, "said editor-in-chief Yvonne Huckenholz some time ago. She has been managing the editorial team since 2017 and is to be responsible for the development of the Bravo brand on the social media platforms.

"96 percent of young people today use the Internet, 90 percent are on social media platforms, and we have to be where our target group is, so as not to lose relevance," said Bravo publishing house manager Karsten Binke.

In addition, there has recently been a regular Dr. Summer Podcast – For many, "Dr. Sommer" is almost synonymous with sex education. With this multi-channel strategy Bravo always reaches the target group exactly at the times, in the places and with the content that the young people wanted.

Already in 2014, the weekly rhythm was changed to every 14 days as part of the BauerMedia Group's "new strategic direction". The former million edition of the youth magazine, published for the first time in 1956, has shrunk for years, most recently in the third quarter of 2019, according to IVW, it was 76,932 copies.

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