BVB: Why not someone like Daniel Farke?


Lucien Favre will also coach Borussia Dortmund against Paderborn. And beyond, if the home game against the bottom of the table should not end in a mediocre disaster. Nevertheless, it is discussed who could follow the Swiss in the short or medium term. And what conditions the new coach would have to bring.

Daniel Farke

Introduced Norwich City to the Premier League: Daniel Farke.

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Borussia Dortmund has grown into a heavyweight with half a billion in sales, with national and international appeal. As a result, boss Hans-Joachim Watzke also derives some sense of status in the coaching question. A big club needs a great coach. In 2008, when her courage led the BVB-makers instinctively to Jurgen Klopp, a second-division coach (!), The time was another – and the team was a different one.

BVB is longing for a coach who will give the club a footballing identity

Now see Watzke and his colleagues despite the 0-4 disaster in Munich and slipping in the table in 6th place no immediate need for action. But at some point they will ask themselves, which coach they entrust the Dortmund squad to Favre (contract until 2021). Why not someone who does not yet have a big name, but can do one. Why not someone like Daniel Farke?

In Dortmund, one longs for a coach who gives this club again a footballing identity. An active, intense, fast, emotional football. A team that wants to determine the gameplay and does not push the ball to and fro just because of control, safety and patience requirements.

Farke has written a soccer fairy tale in Norwich

Farke, who as a U-23 coach has a BVB past, moved to England and wrote a modern football fairy tale with Norwich City (promotion to the Premier League), lets play so a football. So why not someone like Farke, whom the BBC has just named as the fifth most popular Premier League coach? Who can moderate a team and take the fans? Who is committed to his task with skin and hair and rhetorically mastered all types of sound and style? That in Norwich just the red lantern is lit, is least of all to blame him.

Immediate danger does not threaten Favre. But he will know his very best ally – it is also the vacant coach market that holds him in office.

Further background you read in the current kicker of Thursday!

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