Callum Hudson-Odoi: That's how he explains the burst to Bayern


Callum Hudson-Odoi has long been courted by Bayern. But now the youngster makes a clear statement. Even his statements leave no doubt.

  • Callum Hudson-Odoi was already in January 2019 in the focus of FC Bayern Munich.
  • Rumor has it that the youngster himself has demanded his release. But that did not work out.
  • In September "CHO" signed a new contract until 2024.
  • In the league game in April 2019 against Burnley, the 18-year-old suffered a very serious injury.

Update from November 14: Callum Hudson-Odoi, last winter's request for a transfer to Bavaria, has once again explained why he has decided to extend his contract with Chelsea. Accordingly, it was probably Chelsea coach Frank Lampard, who could convince him of a whereabouts.

"I only had a conversation with him and then I knew that I wanted to stay here 100 percent," said the 19-year-old opposite the British Sun.

It was an exciting time when Lampard joined Chelsea. "Especially because it is known that he wants to play at least some of the young talents." The exchange rumors about Bayern came especially in the time in which Maurizio Sarri coached Chelsea. Under the Italian Hudson-Odoi came on significantly less playing time. Lampard had made it clear to the English national player that he would bet on him.

"I never said that I would sign with Bayern, but I thought about it. There have been times when I was very frustrated and wanted to play more because I love the game. At the same time, I thought, 'What if I really change?' While I've been thinking about it, I've always felt that Chelsea is my club, I love the club and I want to become a key player here. "

In the current season, the Englishman comes to six appearances in the Premier League and three inserts in the Champions League.

Callum Hudson-Odoi: That's why he let down the FC Bayern

Update from October 9th: Hasan Salihamidzic publicly reclaimed him – but Callum Hudson-Odoi ultimately gave FC Bayern a basket after weeks of swap. In the second half of the season, the Englishman even wanted to force himself to move to Munich. In a BBC interview, the 18-year-old now explains his role backwards: "The decision I made was a very good one for me and my family, and we agreed that this was the right club."

The youngster went through all the youth teams of Chelsea and matured at the Stamford Bridge to the pro. Now the English national player apparently wants to give something back. "I've been here all my life, so there's no reason to change anything."

Hudson-Odoi returned to the turf two weeks ago. Previously, an Achilles tendon rupture had knocked him out for months.

Video: That's why Callum Hudson-Odoi let Bayern down

Callum Hudson-Odoi and FC Bayern – now the transfer has finally burst

Update from September 19th: FC Bayern have to make an early transfer from Callum Hudson-Odoi. As the Chelsea announced, the winger has signed a contract until 2024. "It's a special feeling," the youngster is quoted on the homepage: "It took a long time, but now it's done and I'm happy with it. I've been playing at Chelsea since I was eight, and that's the right club for me. "

But now an ex-Bayern player has slammed and fished a Bundesliga top scorer for his team.

Update from August 14: Chelsea's youngster Callum Hudson-Odoi has long been associated with Bayern Munich. Meanwhile, the 18-year-old has agreed with the Londoners on a contract extension, only the signature is pending. The fact that Bayern did not receive Hudson-Odoi should have been due to the behavior of sports director Hasan Salihamidzic.

As the Sport Bild (Wednesday's edition), Chelsea director Marina Granovskaia is reported to have been upset that Salihamidzic was already in agreement with Hudson-Odoi's management on all transfer modalities before contacting the club. Granovskaia is said to have blocked all further calls from Salihamidizic. Maybe it will work better in advertising for Timo Werner. Will a German mega-talent come to Munich instead of Hudson-Odoi?

What do you think about sports director Salihamidzic? Vote.

Very last offer: Does Bayern still attack at Callum Hudson-Odoi?

Update from 9th August: Bayern are after the shock of Leroy Sane once again a try at Chelsea FC because Callum Hudson-Odoi dare. As the Guardian reports, prepare the Munich a very last offer about allegedly 54 million euros.

Update from August 8: The big theme in Transfer Summer is Leroy Sane. The Manchester City outfit is scheduled to move to Bayern Munich. Now, a possible horror diagnosis seems to change everything.

Chelsea or Bayern? Callum Hudson-Odoi has this luxury contract

Update from July 26: Callum Hudson-Odoi to Bayern Munich? For months, a possible transfer haunts the rumor mill. Now, the young Englishman from Chelsea has apparently decided.

For information from goal and Spox the 18-year-old has received a new five-year contract with the Blues. Accordingly, the 18-year-old will earn a whopping 167,000 euros per week. With performance-related bonuses could even be 200,000 euros. In the year that would be more than ten million euros, with which Hudson-Odoi would belong to the top earners at Chelsea.

Most recently, the Stamford Bridge had been pressed for a contract extension. All parties, according to the report, agree with the terms. Now apparently the lawyers examine the papers. In London there was meanwhile a raid on the Arsenal stars Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac. The latter was celebrated by the fans for his actions.

Chelsea and Hudson-Odoi before agreement – Last countdown for Bayern

Update from July 23: A bad news for Bayern: Loud BBC Chelsea and Callum Hudson-Odoi have agreed on a contract at lightning speed. For a long five years, the new working paper should be written down and bring the winger over 100,000 pounds a week.

A small door remains for the Munich but still. For the 18-year-old has not signed anything and there is probably no great hurry. However, the ink should be dry by the beginning of the season. So the countdown is on for a last try.

A surprising message about Uli Hoeneb became public. The president is not supposed to stand for re-election. The internet also responded to the message.

Callum Hudson-Odoi: Bayern prepares new offer – Plan B if Chelsea refuses

Update from July 20th: Hardly a day goes by without new information about the transfer posse around Callum Hudson-Odoi. As the image reported, the FC Bayern Chelsea to submit a new offer for the young Englishman.

As a reminder: Frank Lampard, the new head coach of the London, wants to hold Hudson-Odoi necessarily. The club probably made him an offer to extend the contract (update from 19 July). But Bayern is loud image further interested in the wingtip.

According to the report, the efforts of German record champion Hudson-Odoi are independent of the outcome of negotiations with Leroy Sane and Manchester City. That means: Even if the German international should decide to change to Munich, Hudson-Odoi could also come.

One option is therefore also to bring the Chelsea youngster until next year. The 18-year-old would then be free transfer, should he not sign a new contract. At the moment he is still training for a while after an Achilles tendon rupture. However, it is unlikely that the "blues" will let Hudson-Odoi go for nothing.

In addition to Callum Hudson-Odoi are probably the youngster Marc Roca of Espanyol Barcelona, ​​Dani Olmo of Dinamo Zagreb and Giovani Lo Celso of Betis Sevilla at Bayern in conversation, such as * reported.

Bayern Munich: New offer for Callum Hudson-Odoi? That's how Chelsea reacts

Update from July 19th: Obviously FC Bayern Munchen has to accept another setback in terms of transfers. Although the German record champion has recently increased his bid for Callum Hudson-Odoi, the 18-year-old will probably stay on the island.

The young talent is to play for five more years at Chelsea. The contract is to make the Blues-own plant an absolute top earner and thus secure the long-term services of the left outside. The 18-year-old is to earn the equivalent of 110,000 euros per week. This amount could rise to € 11 million a year through special payments and bonuses Daily Mail,

One of the main responsible for the whereabouts of the English jewel should have been coach Frank Lampard. He sees a bright future in Hudson-Odoi and says, "he can become a great player for Chelsea and England".

Bayern with a new offer for Callum Hudson-Odoi – now reacts Frank Lampard

Update from the 16th of July: Only a few days ago had been reported by a new and improved Bayern offer for Callum Hudson-Odoi. Now its current club counters Chelsea London. Coach Frank Lampard said on Tuesday, on the sidelines of the club's Asian trip, "Of course I want him to sign a new contract and stay here". It was also said by Lampard: "We as a whole club definitely want him to stay."

And Lampard also made it clear why they put so much emphasis on Hudson-Odoi: "He comes from our own academy, he can become a great player for Chelsea and for England," he praised. He also made a small promise for more playing time: "I think he knows he has a coach who wants to work with him and make him better".

Transfer Posse to Callum Hudson-Odoi: Bayern with new million offer?

Update from July 14: Recently it was a bit quieter about the rumors of a transfer from Callum Hudson-Odoi to Bayern. The change did not seem feasible, but now could come again movement in the People.

Turn in Transfer Posse to Callum Hudson-Odoi: FC Bayern sends better offer to London

As the British newspaper Daily Mail reports, the FCB officials have intensified their recruitment for the youngster again. Accordingly, the record champions continue to be interested in Hudson-Odoi and Chelsea London has now even made an improved offer. Has Bayern Munich's sports director Hasan Salihamidzic possibly traveled with him to the USA because of him?

According to information from England, the people of Munich offer 45 million pounds for the winger, which is the equivalent of more than 50 million euros. Compared to the first offer, the record champion is said to have put another ten million pounds, more than eleven million euros on it.

Bayern: Hudson-Odoi changes to the Isar? Chelsea wants to extend with Youngster

Whether the blues let Hudson-Odoi go is still not clear. Chelsea's new coach Frank Lampard is considered an advocate of the 18-year-olds and involve him firmly in the plans for the upcoming season. In addition, they try in London, the English national player in the long run to tie. But a contract offer ready to sign a contract Hudson-Odoi has so far rejected. Because he now changes to FC Bayern? With Hudson-Odoi Bayern could possibly attack again in the Champions League. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has clarified his goal in the premier class now also Niko Kovac.

Callum Hudson-Odoi to FC Bayern? That's why the change probably did not materialize

Update from 10th July: The chances that Callum Hudson-Odoi will change to FC Bayern seem to be getting smaller and smaller. Apparently Bayern have already made mistakes in the early stages of the transfer theater. So it is the Chelsea FC, like the Sport Bild reported, did not like to see that the German record champion publicly advertised the favor of the young Englishman. Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic said in January, "We absolutely want to sign Hudson-Odoi."

Then the blues refused all negotiations. Meanwhile, it looks like Hudson-Odoi will stay at Stamford Bridge because new coach Frank Lampard is also planning with the winger. FC Bayern would have to look elsewhere – perhaps with one of these young stars of which * reports?

Even if it still hooks at Bayern and the newcomers, the record champion can at least introduce a new partner from the gaming industry. However, this could have consequences for the Allianz Arena in the new FIFA 20.

Bayern also wants to continue investing in the future. Currently Bayern should be on a 16-year-old child prodigy from Ireland.

Callum Hudson-Odoi to FC Bayern? This solution is aimed at the bosses

Update July 8, 2019: Callum Hudson-Odoi will probably not change to Bayern this summer. This is reported by the "kicker". The youngster is scheduled for next summer, the paper reports. Then he would be free transfer.

Recently, the new coach Frank Lampard had made it clear that he would like to work with Hudson-Odoi. Did he think about "only" one year?

Chelsea coach Frank Lampard comments on Hudson-Odoi

Update of July 7, 2019: Football record champion Bayern Munich must probably write off his next wish player. Frank Lampard, the new team manager of the English top club Chelsea FC, put a stop to the departure of the forward striker Callum Hudson-Odoi (18). "I know that the club wants it to stay, and from my perspective it will play a central role for us on the pitch, and I will talk to him about that and I hope he stays," Lampard said on the club's Europa homepage -League winner.

Club legend Lampard (41), who was presented on Friday as the successor to Italian Maurizio Sarri, said: "With his talent, he can play a big role in this team and for England, I want to work with him, I want to follow him bring forward and improve as a player. "

"I'll pay much attention to Callum because of his contractual position," said Lampard, "He can be an incredible player but needs to be improved, I want to work with him, but he'll have to stay in the club longer."


Transfer poker around Callum Hudson-Odoi: Bitter news for Bayern

Update of July 6, 2019: The transfer of Callum Hudson-Odoi from Chelsea FC to Bayern Munich is finally over the table. To Spox– Information is the 18-year-old winger sit on the verge of a contract extension at the London club.

Crucial for this is probably the obligation of the new coach Frank Lampard. The former football pro, who wore the jersey of the blues from 2001 to 2014, is said to have convinced Hudson-Odoi in a personal conversation about a future in the English capital. Under Lampard's predecessor Maurizio Sarri – now coach of Juventus Turin – the teenager was used only sporadically last season.

Wanted player Hudson-Odoi was courted by the Bavarians since last winter, he should definitely come to the Sabener road. His contract would have expired after the upcoming season. Hudson-Odoi is still in rehabilitation after an Achilles tendon tear in April.

Not only Manuel Neuer is apparently very dissatisfied with the sparse transfer activities of the record champions. And also about Niko Kovac is blasphemed. Meanwhile enjoy the FC Bayern stars their free time in these Munich restaurants, such * reported.

Callum Hudson-Odoi: Bald Chelsea coach Lampard makes decision – she will not like Bayern

Update from June 30, 2019: Frank Lampard is about to return to his former club. The negotiations are under way, and soon the 41-year-old head coach will be at Stamford Bridge – and he probably has a plan that will not please Bayern.

Hudson-Odoi: Lampard wants to convince striker of whereabouts at Chelsea

As one of the first tasks Lampard Callum wants to convince Huson-Odoi of his whereabouts in London. This is reported by the British Daily Mail. The 18-year-old's contract expires in 2020. If Bayern wait until January, the transfer fee could be lower, as the contract period comes to an end.

Hudson-Odoi: Keeping important for Chelsea due to transfer ban

Lampard's plan is also high on the list because Chelsea will not be able to sign up to new players by the summer of 2020. In addition, with Eden Hazard already a striker left the club. As the Daily Mail reported, Chelsea wants to offer the youngster a five-year contract. Hudson-Udoi is currently recovering from an Achilles tendon rupture.

Hudson-Odoi: Bayern allegedly failed with offer

Update from June 27, 2019: The next bad news for Bayern in this hitherto moderately successful summer transfer period. Loud image-Information is the German record champions at Chelsea with the latest offer for the English talent Callum Hudson-Odoi in the amount of 25 million euros.

The image Wanting to know that the 18-year-old, who is still undergoing a rehabilitation program after an Achilles tendon rupture, is still willing to switch to Bayern, Chelsea still has not given up on the fight for Hudson-Odoi. The "Blues" want to extend his contract by five years, but the England international is still hesitant because he wants more playing time.

Frank Lampard, who succeeds Chelsea as Maurizio Sarri (now Juventus Turin), is considered a fan of Hudson-Odoi (contract ends in 2020) and will probably keep him.

Bayern's sports director Hasan Salihamidzic is considered a big fan of Hudson-Odoi and is gradually under pressure to present more new entries. Coach Niko Kovac has recently called for new players, and Bayern seem to be staring at Leroy Sane, as the German international seems to prefer to stay in Manchester. The situation is different with Hudson-Odoi, who wants to continue to change to the Isar – after all, good news.

Update from June 27, 2019, 12.37 pm: A transfer of Leroy Sane to Bayern is somehow increasingly unlikely. Therefore, the record champion has apparently dealt with the personality Ousmane Dembele. In addition, one has kept an eye on Orange star Steven Bergwijn.

Or is the thing with Callum Hudson-Odoi but again hot? On Wednesday already had the Sport Bild written that Hasan Salihamidzic the youngster still "always in the head" have. Now has the kicker reintroduced the England jewel and reported that Hudson-Odoi might still be an option. Even if the conflict has not been made easier by the possible Lampard commitment. In Munich, on the other hand, Uli Hoeneb attracted attention with a curious action.

Hudson-Odoi still on the Bayern wish list? Salihamidzic has a clear plan

Update from June 26, 2019, 11:53 am: Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery are history, Bayern needs new legs for its offensive outside. Many names are currently being traded, including young talents as well as experienced players.

Leroy Sane is, as reported by *, at the top of the wish list for Bayern, a plan B would obviously be Ousmane Dembele. And Callum Hudson-Odoi from Chelsea? He can hardly be categorized. As the Sport Bild reported on Wednesday, the young Englishman is still a topic at Bayern. Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic still aims for a transfer – independent of Sane and Dembele. Ideally, you could welcome the training kick-off on July 8, so two new winger. But perhaps a former Bayer still veto: Michael Ballack is as an assistant coach at Chelsea in conversation. The fact is that Hudson-Odoi would probably be cheaper than Sane or Dembele.

Progress at Hudson-Odoi: Will he be even more interesting for Bayern?

Update from June 24, 2019, 1:34 pm: Good news for Bayern! Callum Hudson-Odoi is making progress and is even working very carefully with the ball. After his Achilles tendon tear in April 2019, the 18-year-old makes the first steps on the way back to the square.

Chelsea posted a short video on their Twitter channel showing Hudson-Odoi working with the ball. He plays thrown balls alternately with both legs back to a coach. That his right leg was injured, is not visible in the video – a good sign.

Will the Brit become more attractive to FC Bayern? The German record champion will follow the progress with one and a half laughing and half a crying eye. The faster Hudson-Odoi can return, the more expensive he could become. Instead of the currently rumored 20 million euros.

Bayern: Secret deal with Hudson-Odoi

Update from June 22, 2019, 17:46: Apparently, FC Bayern Munich is still interested in a transfer from Callum Hudson-Odoi. This emphasizes football boss and Bayern expert Christian Falk of the Sports picture in an interview with the English portal Get German Football News.

As Falk wants to know, Bayern bosses are currently working on two Premier League players: Leroy Sane of Manchester City and Callum Hudson-Odoi of Chelsea: "Yes, they both want players. Even Sane. "

However, there is a secret deal between Hudson-Odoi (18) and Bayern, if it works with a transfer from Leroy Sane: "If they get Sane this summer, there is an agreement between the management of the player and the FC Bayern Munich, that he could come in 2020 free transfer. That would be good for Bayern Munich. "

However, Hudos-Odoi is currently considering returning to Chelsea, Falk reports: "Hudson-Odoi thinks after what I've heard back to Chelsea because they're ready to give him another chance."

Therefore, according to Falk is currently also the possibility in the room that can hold the Chelsea Callum Hudson-Odoi in London: "I think a few months ago, Hudson-Odoi was convinced of Bavaria and would not have signed a new Chelsea contract. He would have signed in 2020 at Bayern, but maybe in the last few weeks something has changed his mind. We will see."

Callum Hudson-Odoi to Bayern Munich? Frank Lampard with veto

Update from June 19th: What's next with Callum Hudson-Odoi? At Chelsea, they hope to extend the youngster, at Bayern they would rather sign the Englishman today than tomorrow – probably to help the faltering transfer offensive again a little on the jumps.

According to information of image Hudson-Odoi wants to continue to change (content behind payment barrier) – and to the Sabener road. But a Chelsea legend should veto: Frank Lampard. He won the Champions League with the blues in the Allianz Arena and could now put Bayern back in the rut. Finally, he is acting as successor to coach Maurizio Sarri, who has moved to Juventus. Earlier this year, Lampard had already publicly raved about Hudson-Odoi and wanted him to stay in London. As a future coach his word should probably have more weight. And how is Rodrigo ordered? As * reported, there should be a favorite in advertising for the Atletico star.

Hudson-Odoi travels to Germany: Does he hope to win Bayern with this picture?

Update from June 14: The contract renewal of Callum Hudson-Odoi at Chelsea will be delayed. He is currently suffering from the consequences of an Achilles tendon rupture. As before, Bayern should be interested in the 18-year-olds. Now he himself stoked new rumors by posting on Instagram a picture with luggage, an airplane emoji and a Germany flag.

Callum Hudson-Odoi on his way to Germany – but for what reason?

© Screenshot Instagram / calteck10

What's it all about? So much is clear: Hudson-Odoi was probably not fully aware of the scale of his story. Quite quickly, he deleted the picture, which made many fans of Bayern fans beat faster. The residence of the Chelsea player in Germany has, according to information of the image However, nothing to do with Bayern Munich. On Friday, the wedding of his teammate Antonio Rudiger takes place in Berlin. For this Callum Hudson-Odoi is invited. Is there maybe a stop after that in Munich?

According to several English press reports, the contract expiring in 2020, the winger is to be extended by five years. "You do not always have to believe everything that is said or written there," commented Bayern sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic. As before, Bayern is also interested in Timo Werner and Kai Havertz, as * reports.

Callum Hudson-Odoi: Can Bayern hope for a change again?

Update from June 12, 9:47 pm: On July 8, coach Niko Kovac asks his double winners back to Sabener Strabe for training. Until then, behind closed doors continue to work diligently on the Bayern squad for the new season. One name that keeps falling is Callum Hudson-Odoi.

Although Chelsea's young star is currently suffering from an Achilles tendon rupture, he is in great demand – both on the Isar and the Thames. As the Sun Now reported, Hudson-Odoi is said to have made a condition for a contract extension in London: He wants a commitment guarantee.

Hudson-Odoi to Bayern – is there hope again?

This request and another fact are currently delaying the signing of a five-year deal: Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri is not necessarily in the saddle – is he in the coming season the man to give Hudson-Odoi the required stakes?

A Chelsea source is said to be Sun also said: "Callum was never about the money, much more about his development. He has been a Chelsea fan since childhood and wants to play for this club. If he can not do that enough, he will not improve. And that helps neither him nor the club. "New hope for Bayern? At Leroy Sane, a decision will probably also be delayed, as * reports. In the matter of Antoine Griezmann, on the other hand, clarity should prevail.

Bayern and Hudson-Odoi: decision according to media report

Update of June 5th, 14:14: Callum Hudson-Odoi, who was courted by Bayern Munich, is facing a contract extension at Chelsea, according to media reports. The winner of the European Football League has made a major breakthrough in negotiations with the 18-year-old striker, reports the London Evening Standard on Wednesday. According to the report, a five-year official announcement of the extension of the Hudson-Odoi 2020 agreement, which expires in 2020, appears to be "only a matter of time".

The winger had not been able to play after an Achilles tendon operation. FC Bayern Munchen had made an intensive effort to find Hudson-Odoi, but because of the contract situation they also pointed out the difficulties of a transfer. Most recently, the Munich had dedicated more to the personality Leroy Sane (Manchester City).

FC Bayern and Hudson-Odoi: Rummenigge explains the state of affairs

Update from May 25: Of the FC Bayern will finish the season shortly. On Saturday night we will know if he is going into the summer break with one or two titles: in Berlin, the final of the cup will be an opponent RB Leipzig (8 pm / ARD and Sky).

While coach Niko Kovac already commented on the staff in the final at the press conference, there are also some news for him: How* reported, commented Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on Friday to the future of Kovac at Bayern.

The future is the keyword: Who are the people of Munich attracting to the Isar in the summer? The departure of Arjen Robben, Franck Ribery and Rafinha is fixed. There is therefore a need for action. Candidates were and are called many. A change of Leroy Sane is in the room, also Timo Werner of Finalgegner Leipzig is discussed again and again.

at Callum Hudson-Odoi On the other hand, the Bavarians seemed to distance themselves. The super talent of Chelsea has torn the Achilles tendon and falls out long. Board Boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge But now stressed that you are still dealing with the personality. At an event of image in Berlin he said that the interest in Sane would not detract from the same to Hudson-Odoi. Should one transfer succeed, it would not automatically mean that you would not like to make the second commitment. So can FC Bayern look forward to a pair of wings with Premier League experience?

Bayern goal Hudson-Odoi: Quirky claim – he stays with Chelsea, if …

Update from May 16th: Finally, it had become quiet about England's jewel Callum Hudson-Odoi, The winger of the Chelsea had torn the Achilles tendon in the game against Burnley. So was a summer change to FC Bayern increasingly unlikely.

In London, Hudson-Odoi seldom plays the part he envisioned. In the Premier League, the young international came this season only to ten missions. Ten is the keyword – that's what Hudson-Odoi is aiming for.

Way clear for Hudson-Odoi?

The 18-year-old is said to have information from Spox have demanded the coveted shirt number. Should he wear the Ten in the future, he would obviously be able to imagine an extension in London. But this would have to first Eden hazard emigrate – the Belgian superstar occupies the number currently.

The good news for Hudson-Odoi: At Hazard, a transfer to Real Madrid is becoming more and more likely, as reported by *. Somit durfte er freie Bahn haben, denn es wird kaum Konkurrenz geben: Schlieblich wurde uber Chelsea eine Transfersperre verhangt. Der einzige Zehner-Kandidat ware Christian Pulisic, der von Borussia Dortmund kommt. Der Amerikaner war im Winter von den Blues verpflichtet und direkt wieder an den BVB verliehen worden. Im Sommer wechselt er nun fest an die Stamford Bridge.

Nach schwerer Verletzung: ER soll nun uber Hudson-Odois Transfer entscheiden

Update vom 10. Mai: Beinahe drei Wochen ist es nun her, dass sich Callum Hudson-Odoi die Achillessehne beim Spiel gegen Burnley gerissen hat. Die Bayern hatten den FC-Chelsea-Star zunachst im Visier, doch eine Transfersperre fur den englischen Club durch die FIFA kOnnte einen Strich durch die Rechnung machen. Nichtsdestotrotz brodelt die Geruchtekuche weiter. As the image-Zeitung vom 11. Mai berichtet, soll nun der Team-Arzt Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt des FC Bayern uber den Transfer von Hudson-Odoi entscheiden.

Demnach hatten der Verein noch immer Interesse an dem 18-Jahrigen. Die Bayern-Bosse baten offenbar Dr. Muller-Wohlfahrt nach einer Einschatzung, so die image further. Er kOnne sagen, wie schlimm die Verletzung des Chelsea-Stars sei und wie der Heilungsverlauf aussehe. Erst wenn der Team-Arzt grunes Licht gebe, gehe Bayern in die Transfer-Offensive.

Die Zeitung befragte auberdem einen anderen Sportmediziner, was er von der Verletzung Hudson-Odois halte. „Ich bin total optimistisch, dass der Spieler wieder voll einsatzfahig sein wird. Man muss aber mit einem Ausfall von rund einem halben Jahr rechnen“, meint Dr. Dolla gegenuber der image,

Nach FIFA-Entscheidung: Transfer von Callum Hudson-Odoi zum FC Bayern wohl vom endgultig vom Tisch

Update vom 8. Mai: Die Transfersperre fur den englischen Spitzenklub FC Chelsea bleibt bestehen. Wie der Fubball-Weltverband FIFA am Mittwoch mitteilte, wurde der Einspruch des Klubs gegen die in den nachsten beiden Transferperioden gultige Sanktion grundsatzlich abgewiesen. Lediglich Verpflichtungen von Spielern unter 16 Jahren, die zudem keine internationalen Transfers darstellen, sollen nun doch ausgenommen sein.

In einer Stellungnahme am Nachmittag wies der sechsmalige englische Meister die Vorwurfe erneut "kategorisch zuruck" und kundigte an, den Fall vor den Internationalen Sportgerichtshof CAS zu bringen.

Die FIFA hatte Chelsea am 22. Februar mit der Sperre belegt, weil die Londoner in 29 Fallen bei internationalen Transfers und Anmeldungen von minderjahrigen Spielern gegen Regeln verstoben hatten. Zudem wurde gegen dem sechsmaligen Meister eine Geldstrafe in HOhe von 600.000 Schweizer Franken (rund 530.000 Euro) verhangt. Auch diese Summe wurde von der FIFA erneut bestatigt.

Kommt Callum Hudson-Odoi trotz schwerer Verletzung? Hoeneb: „Ich denke, dass…“

Update vom 25. April: Nach dem Pokalspiel in Bremen (3:2) hat sich Uli Hoeneb uber den langzeitverletzten Callum Hudson-Odoi geaubert. Angesichts der veranderten Situation beim Talent vom FC Chelsea sagte der Prasident: „Da haben wir uns noch keine Gedanken druber gemacht. Ich habe von Karl-Heinz (Rummenigge) und Hasan (Salihamidzic) gehOrt, dass das ein interessanter Spieler ist und ich denke, dass man sich weiterhin daruber Gedanken machen wird.“ Zugleich betonte er auch: „Aber in so einer Phase, wo er gerade auf dem OP-Tisch liegt, macht es ja keinen Sinn, Aussagen zu machen.“

Schwere Verletzung: Transfer von Hudson-Odoi zum FC Bayern wird unwahrscheinlicher

Update vom 23. April: Callum Hudson-Odoi durchlebt wohl gerade den Tiefpunkt seiner noch so jungen Karriere. Beim 2:2 gegen den FC Burnley musste der FC Chelsea nicht nur einen Punktverlust, sondern auch einen Ausfall des Youngstes hinnehmen. Der 18-Jahrige erlitt einen Achillessehnenriss.

Auf seiner Twitter-Seite schrieb der Aubensturmer: „Ich bin vOllig fertig, dass ich meine Saison auf diese Weise beende. Ich werde hart arbeiten und nachste Saison starker zuruckzukommen.“

Durch den Achillessehnenriss wird auch ein Wechsel im Sommer immer unwahrscheinlicher. Normalerweise bedeutet eine Verletzung dieser Art eine Zwangspause von ungefahr einem halben Jahr, je nach Rehabilitation kann die Dauer auch abweichen.

Beim Spiel gegen Burnley erzielte Gonzalo Higuain ubrigens einen sehenswerten Treffer, der nur vom kuriosen Jubel ubertrumpft wurde. Der Argentinier feierte im Ausschnitt einer Dame.

Verhindert dieser DFB-Nationalspieler den Wechsel von Hudson-Odoi zum FC Bayern?

Erstmeldung vom 12. April: London – Seit dem Ende des vergangenen Jahres brodelt es in der Geruchtekuche. Geht Callum Hudson-Odoi zum FC Bayern Munchen oder nicht? Immer wenn neue Geruchte aufgekocht wurden, gab es ein Dementi vom FC Chelsea oder dem Rekordmeister. Doch bevor es sich etwas abkuhlen konnte, warmten neue Informationen alles wieder auf. Es ging hin und her. Einerseits bestatigte Hasan Salihamidzic ein Interesse am Youngster, andererseits dementierte anfangs der Rekordmeister, uberhaupt ein Angebot abgegeben zu haben.

Callum Hudson-Odoi: Ist ein Wechsel zum FC Bayern im Sommer vom Tisch?

Nach einigem Heckmeck gab Sportdirektor Hasan Salihamidzic dann doch zu, Hudson-Odoi „unbedingt verpflichten zu wollen“. Auch der Spieler selbst sollte schon um seine Freigabe im Januar 2019 gebeten haben. Schlieblich schob der FC Chelsea am Ende der Wintertransferperiode dem Wechsel einen Riegel vor. Daraufhin wollen Medien jedoch erfahren haben, dass es eine Einigung fur einen Wechsel im Sommer geben sollte.

Viel Gerede, viele Informationen. Mittlerweile spielt Callum Hudson-Odoi regelmabig und zeigt, was er drauf hat. Selbst in der Nationalelf bekam er bei den vergangenen Landerspielen Einsatzminuten. Die Geruchtekuche brodelt weiter. Auf dem Menu steht nun angeblich: Wechsel im Sommer 2019 ausgeschlossen, ebenso eine Vertragsverlangerung des 18-Jahrigen. Er will wohl einen ablOsefreien Wechsel im Sommer 2020 forcieren. Aber: Bekanntlich lauft noch viel Wasser die Isar und die Themse runter, bis es Klarheit gibt.

Callum Hudson-Odoi zum FC Bayern: Welche Rolle spielt Antonio Rudiger?

Antonio Rudiger, Teamkollege des Aubensturmers, hat sich just uber den Youngster geaubert. In einem Interview wurden dem Innenverteidiger einige Details aus der Kabine entlockt. Auch zu seinem privaten Umfeld wurde er gelOchert. Dabei enthullte er ein paar interessante Dinge. „Odoi hat ein paar coole Moves, um ehrlich zu sein“, antwortete Rudiger auf die Frage, wer denn der beste Tanzer im Team sei. Wenn Rudiger einen Teammate auf eine einsame Insel mitnehmen musste, ware es auch Hudson-Odoi. „Es ist offensichtlich, dass wir uns gut verstehen. Wir haben den gleichen Humor. Wir lachen viel zusammen. Ich mag ihn gerne“, so der DFB-Spieler uber den umworbenen Spieler.

KOnnte also Rudiger seinen besten Kumpel uberreden weiter bei Chelsea zu bleiben? Niemand verliert seinen besten Team-Kumpel gerne. Im Januar war aber Rudiger nach eigenen Aussagen so ehrlich und meinte, dass sich Hudson-Odoi sowohl bei Chelsea als auch bei Bayern gut entwickeln kOnne. Man darf gespannt sein, ob der Verteidiger im Wechsel-Theater eine Rolle spielt oder nicht.

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Im zweiten Spiel im Rahmen des International Champions Cup tritt der FC Bayern gegen Real Madrid an. Holen die Roten ihren ersten Sieg? Wir begleiten das Spiel im Live-Ticker.

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