Can you take your Astros World Series ring by trap?


An article that confirms that the planets they cheated and stole their rivals' signals with electronic help in 2017, has raised controversy among fans and analysts of the MLB

But let's get to the point: the MLB can't take away from the planets his 2017 World Series ring, not even proving that they actually cheated and managed to steal the signals of the teams they faced.

Not only do we say it, multiple analysts and a sports lawyer we consulted say the same. Too many things would have to happen for the planets They lost their World Series ring.

First: There is no precedent.

This means that never in the history of Big leagues a team has received such punishment, which indicates that there are no legal mechanisms in the regulation to remove the ring from World Series.

Second: it would be necessary to verify that the Astros benefited from the trap.

And although it seems obvious not necessarily, easily the planets They could argue that despite having won and managed to decipher the signals, that was not what led them to victory.

Since, as you can see in the videos, the batters know that the pitch is coming does not necessarily imply that they beat it.

And even being able to verify and document, this point would lead us to the first.

Third: It would have to prove that the planets They cheated steadily during the season (to get to playoffs), then during the post-season (to reach the World Series) and then in all the World Series games they won.

A very complex task of archiving and reviewing videos that neither the MLB You can surely do it successfully.

And the same as in point two: once achieved it would take us to point two and then to one.

Now, what if it can happen with the evidence that exists and the investigation that has begun the MLB:

  1. Than the planets receive an economic fine
  2. That this case sets a precedent for more severe sanctions in the future (such as removing the ring from a team that is found cheating)
  3. Than the planets are penalized with draft picks
  4. And perhaps in the most severe case, some sanction that prevents them from going to free agency if not this year to the next

Out of that, it seems impossible that the planets The World Series ring or the title of the American League (which they won by cheating against Yankees) was removed.

Nor does it seem feasible that Altuve will be withdrawn the MVP he received that 2017 (here the full note).

Leave us your comments in the comments, what do you think should be the punishment for Stars?

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